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As another round of MCO kicked in with new restrictions, a change in the workplace process of serviced office KL has become a necessity.

At times like this, implementing a hybrid work environment is fundamental even if it accompanies its own challenges. It additionally requires a sound strategy for re-engaging your employees before you choose to return to the office, regardless of whether only a few days a week. Below are the 4  ways to get your staff ready for the shift.

Serviced Office KL – Safe work environment

Serviced Office KL

The majority of staff place a high value on physical safety and mental health. Therefore, returning to the workplace is naturally a cause for concern. In fact, large numbers of employees were genuinely concerned even before 2020. Take the flu season as an example. A distinction may be identified between a top manager who recognizes workers as the organization’s most valuable resource and one whose priorities lie elsewhere.

It is extremely crucial to create a strategy that addresses in-office wellbeing, which could include things like regular employee health check-ups, a strict room-booking framework to avoid stuffing and having additional space between desks. Presenting the plan to your team should be done before they are asked to return to the workplace so that they get familiarized with new changes and propose possible improvements.

Serviced Office KL – Receiving a feedback

Working from home showed the significance of listening and addressing the needs of employees. As a result, managers acquired an up-to-date understanding of how employee satisfaction can be improved just by talking to them.

Changes in the workplace can always have serious negative effects. Have everyone present at the office and you risk half of the team ending up being sick. Get them to come to the office during specific office hours and you will lose your workforce as they leave for more accommodating jobs. Before settling on anything, make sure to talk it through with others. Several aspects such as individual wishes, schedules, team concerns, and work process must be taken into consideration prior to going back to the office.

Serviced Office KL – Care for employees

Every employee in a hybrid office setting will probably struggle with making the routine work for them. As they constantly switch between office and work from home, it can lead to them losing motivation and focus. Thus, giving employees the opportunity to create a schedule that best suits their desires would be a positive first step in this direction.

Besides, establishing a policy concerning when people should come to work may not work for everyone. Flexible choices that would allow working from the office, even if only on a rotational basis, would benefit those who feel constrained or find it difficult to concentrate at home. Speaking to every member of your team in order to identify all the hidden problems via anonymous feedback polls or surveys are a few good approaches for obtaining the details of sensitive topics that employees don’t wish to disclose.

Serviced Office KL – Being ready 

No matter how solid your office plans are, new restrictions are inevitable, so it is important not to solely rely on your office for particular project activities. Ensure that whatever you intend to do at work can also be completed at home. Prepare a list of policies and guidelines, and don’t give up on a platform that might be your best way to communicate within a project.

Be mindful of your team culture as well. In the event of a new lockdown, prepare a list of team-building activities via video calls that will help your team to bond together. This is also an excellent opportunity to look at a global talent pool and begin recruiting internationally. Benefiting from new talent and culture serves as bonus points for the company’s diversity.


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