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Remote work at Coworking Space KL is on the rise and here to stay. For many, this change in employment has been a life-saver. But for others, it has only made their problems worse. Some remote workers claimed that they are working more than they did when they work at a traditional office. One of the reasons is having a hard time separating between work time and home time, this results in stress and burnout. Hence meditation has garnered considerable traction in recent years within the health and wellness community by improving cognition and decreasing stress and anxiety levels.

Meditation apps can help remote workers get into the habit of meditating by providing consistent, guided meditations designed to help individuals progress their meditative skillset. There are many meditation apps on the market, and each one is quite different. For example, some cater towards religiosity, and others are explicitly areligious. Here are three apps that you can try out:

COWORKING SPACE KL #1 – Waking Up with Sam Harris

coworking space klIf you can’t afford a membership at Waking Up by Sam Harris, you can email support to get a free membership. Moreover, their meditation courses are based on several different cultural foundations such as Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and others while it also includes lectures about theories about meditation practice.


The good thing about Headspace is that they provide student discounts and a progress tracker that you do not have to worry about losing track of your progress. Other than that, Headspace also does provide workout classes for extra stress and anxiety relief.

COWORKING SPACE KL #3- Insight Timer

Good news! Insight Timer has the most free content among meditation apps, making it especially good for those on a budget. However, the downside of it is that most of the content might be overwhelming for beginners.


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