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We are all aware of how proposals go about at coworking space KL, they are long, boring documents delivered via PDF. However, it limits entrepreneurs on data about clients they engaged with. As a result, follow-ups were hit and miss. A proposal should be designed to convince a client to hire you. It should be easy to read, persuasive, and make it easy for the client to take the next steps. A proposal should write three things effectively:

COWORKING SPACE KL #1 –  How Can You Make Me More Money?

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Every client is looking to make a profitable investment. The higher the potential return, the more likely they are to sign up. However, you should aim to under-promise and over-deliver. This is what develops and builds long-term relationships. When writing your proposal, it should emphasize your skills and experience. Instead of describing what you can do, showcase it by adding videos to proposals, for example, video, flowcharts and graphics are a great way to stand out.

COWORKING SPACE KL #2 –  Why Should I Pick You?

Your proposal should showcase what makes you stand out. This is where good branding comes into play. Besides your proposal, clients also consider other factors. For example, clean website designs and attractive logo suggests the level of professionalism they can expect. Communication is also key, so if English isn’t your first language, make sure to thoroughly cross-check your emails before sending them. If you are just starting, portfolio building should be your top priority. This might mean taking projects at a lower rate in the beginning.

COWORKING SPACE KL #3- What Is The Next Step?

Clients will hire you to solve a problem. Therefore, you should give them the impression that you will make it easy for them to work with you. This begins at the proposal stage. Show what you will need to get started. Getting everything you need at the very beginning makes life easy for the client. Clients should be able to trust you will get the job done, however monitoring would still be necessary. An example is Google Sheet with regular updates.


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