7 Things To Do Before Your Wedding | Wedding Venue KL

Got some jitters and excitement before your wedding at the wedding venue KL? Channel all that energy into completing these 7 things the night before your big day, and it’ll help you to have peace of mind and create a good foundation for your wedding day itself.

WEDDING VENUE KL #1– Have a healthy meal 

Even though the greasy pizza and the bag of chips are screaming your name, try not to get attracted to it and stick with the fresh fruits and whole grains. The best tip to ensure you are in a good condition on your wedding day is by eating more healthily so that it can help you prevent getting a food hangover the next morning.

WEDDING VENUE KL #2 – Pack your personal items

wedding venue kl

Remember to pack your personal items in your reception clutch and your post-reception bag so that you can hand them over to your wedding person in charge, they can be either your wedding planner, professional bridesmaid, or trusty sister. With their help, they can ensure your items are ready for you to use in the bridal suite or your hotel room during and after your wedding.

WEDDING VENUE KL #3- Stay hydrated

Keep a glass of water nearby and make sure you stay hydrated. This will help you avoid any dehydration from the stress and running around especially when your wedding is outdoor.

WEDDING VENUE KL #4- Have a good rest

Or at least try to tuck yourself underneath those covers at a decent hour.

WEDDING VENUE KL #5- Check with vendors

Before the wedding, make sure your vendors are clear on the wedding plan especially when and where to show up. Now’s the best time to also let them know the name and phone number of your person in charge for the wedding day.

WEDDING VENUE KL #6- Practice with your wedding heels

Want to walk perfectly in your wedding heels without tripping? Try to practice walking a straight line in your wedding heels. To smoothen up the mood, try turning the volume up on your favourite song and bust out some dance moves. With the help of the music, it can help you to relieve some stress and also make you see your threshold for when your shoes are going to start throwing a temper tantrum on your feet.

WEDDING VENUE KL #7- Pre-wedding beauty routine

Last but not least, is to prepare your skin before your big day. Apply a face mask, lather on the serum and moisturizer – whatever that fits into your pre-wedding beauty routine. For a face moisturizer that provides optimal hydration, you may try out Biossance’s Squalane + Probiotic Gel Moisturizer. It nourishes, brightens your skin and it’s vegan-friendly. 


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