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Beyond a wedding ceremony and reception, there are many additional opportunities to help bring family members and loved ones together for a celebration at Wedding Venue KL . Here is everything you need to know about the most common pre and post-wedding related events, and how they are adapting to a modern crowd.

WEDDING VENUE KL #1– Engagement Party

Wedding Venue KL

An engagement party is really what it stands for, a celebration of getting engaged. It usually happens months after the engagement, or the night off, although there is no right or wrong when it comes to the timing. Usually you would invite your closest friends and family to celebrate the intimate occasion. A more traditional engagement party typically occurs a few months after the proposal, and can follow a wide format of games and fun with your close ones.

WEDDING VENUE KL #2 – Bachelorette And Bachelor Parties

In bachelorette and bachelor parties, brides and grooms traditionally celebrate separately, although joint parties have been growing quite the popularity recently shared with their favorite people to celebrate the last moments of singledom. Bachelorette or bachelor parties used to be a one night celebration, however over the years it has transformed into multi-day destinations with your closest friends.

WEDDING VENUE KL #3- Mehndi Party

South Asian wedding celebrations are usually a multi-day affair. Popular throughout Muslim and Hindu religions, the mehndi, or henna, party is one of the most special events for a bride. During the mehndi, which is usually hosted and celebrated with the bride’s family, an artist uses henna dye to apply detailed designs to the bride’s hands and feet. This celebration has evolved into a large soiree celebrating with good food, music, and dance.

WEDDING VENUE KL #4- Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner usually occurs the night before the wedding. Private rooms at restaurants, or open spaces are a common venue choice for rehearsal dinners, as long as the location is usually accessible to everyone, it will work out perfectly. The purpose of the rehearsal dinner is to share bonding time between the couple’s inner circles—and more traditionally, for the groom’s family to honor the union of two families—so get ready for a night of special memories.


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