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Free yourself from the typical traditional ways and make your wedding venue KL eco-friendly. With many environmental issues arising, a wedding with way too many flowers is soon going to be outdated and considered “selfish”. However, this does not have to mean you need to plan a plain and boring wedding, it just means think outside the box to help save the sphere.

Here are some tips on how to plan a wedding that contributes to saving the earth while granting your dream of a pretty wedding.

Wedding Venue KL – Invitations

Wedding Venue KL

Get rid of the idea that you have to use paper to send out your hundred invitations! So, save the planet by going digital; you can either send out digital invitations or create a wedding website that has more information than a card can hold. Thus, allowing you to add a personal touch with a photo gallery, cute stickers and play around a little bit more than your traditional method. Additionally, you can use eco-friendly paper to be more conscious about the earth but also add a little jazz to your invitations. Plant-able seed paper will amaze your guests and make them feel as if they are saving the earth themselves. Moreover, you can definitely make receiving bamboo invitations or elephant dung paper something cute and special through a little bit of creativity.

Wedding Venue KL – Décor

Wow your guests with your out-of-the-box thinking methods to utilize reusable objects to make your wedding stand out and still look flashy. Discard paper signages & menus and use chalkboards or acrylic glass paintings for an elegant and eco-friendly touch. Furthermore, you can upcycle or re-use your home items; glass bottles for flower vases, lights, place cards, or fabric for the furniture and altar. You can also add natural elements into your wedding such as real leaf-place cards, log benches – this will definitely make your wedding one to talk about.

Wedding Venue KL – Favors

Give your guests something sustainable so they can have something reminding them about your wedding forever, the little things that can take you a long way. One way would be to go green; you can give your guests cute little succulents for them to grow, or a variety of cute packets with seeds to choose from – this will definitely make your guests a little bit more eco-conscious than they were. Additionally, if you want to gift food goodies just use recyclable packaging such as glass jars for cookies and honey with a little personalized bamboo note. Moreover, you can scrape out the idea of favors and donate the money to a noble or personal cause, making your wedding so much more meaningful.

Wedding Venue KL – Catering

Another earth-friendly idea to bring to the table is by renting out or purchasing thrifted dishware, not only is it eco-friendly but it contributes to the elegance a wedding must-have. Another way would be to opt for metal or bamboo cutlery, even straws, limiting the usage of single-use plastic in your wedding! Additionally, a digital menu using a QR code or iPads for a table would save paper and make your wedding more modern and stand out a little. Don’t worry these tips only spice up the whole wedding appearance.

Wedding Venue KL – Flowers

Who said that each corner of your wedding needs to overflow with real flowers to be beautiful? You can definitely add beauty using different flower tips rather than use fresh-cut flowers for one event. One way would be to add beautiful wooden flower ornaments as centerpieces instead of your traditional fresh-cut flower set-ups. You can also opt to use live flowers in pots, glass bottles, or vessels all around the wedding venue. So, you can replant the flowers or let guests take them as a souvenir! Additionally, you can donate any leftover flowers to charitable causes such as hospital patients if you still want to cut fresh flowers.  

Wedding Venue KL – Quintessentially Yours

You can see that an eco-friendly wedding does not mean plain and boring – it just means spend a little extra to buy environment-friendly items or spend a little less and upcycle your own belongings to make your wedding more meaningful and have a positive impact on the Earth.

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