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The pandemic has caused many cancellations and re-bookings of wedding venue KL celebrations. Despite the fact that the current situation allows you to have a celebration, couples are still unhappy. This is because the size of the celebration is restricted. However, smaller weddings do not have to mean less fun, less meaningful, or less special!

Here’s why smaller weddings are an amazing alternative to your traditionally big wedding. Thus, allowing you to celebrate the milestone beautifully during this pandemic.

Wedding Venue KL #1 – Warm & Personal Welcome 

A smaller wedding allows you to make each guest feel important and wanted! You can create wedding invitations with different messages, jokes, and names for each guest to create a more personal feel.  In fact, you can also add a customized welcome bag for each of the guests with a personalized thank you note, the wedding week itinerary, a list of places worth exploring, and your favorite local foods, snacks, and beverages, you can even add a little gift or “hangover” bag!

Wedding Venue KL #2 – Touch of Fancy

Wedding Venue KL

This small guest list opens opportunities to create a luxurious and glamorous wedding! You can spend it on making statement pieces extraordinary because you would not need the usual large quantities. Therefore, you should splurge on fancy furniture, materials like linen, and “extra-luxe” centerpieces. Importantly, you can spend it on creating an extravagant alter, to make the wedding the one to remember for you, your spouse, and your guests.

Wedding Venue KL #3 – The Nitty Gritty 

Take advantage of having a small wedding and make it more thoughtful for the loved ones you are hosting. You can display your relationship photos and photos of the happy couple with the guests on different occasions. Consequently making the guests feel like they were part of the whole wedding journey. Writing a personalized letter for each guest creates a wholesome feeling and adding a guest book gives each guest an active role in the wedding celebration.

Wedding Venue KL #4 – Feast Galore

Be lavish with the food, beverages and cake – this is a key memory that the majority of guests will remember! Therefore, work with your favourite caterers and serve delicious food that matches the theme and vibe of your wedding. Additionally, customizing labels on beverage bottles or cutlery will make the wedding more memorable.   

Wedding Venue KL #5 – Sessions of Fun

A small crowd of your closest loved ones means that you can be your crazy self! One way of adding a little bit of you would be to incorporate small activities that your guests can take part in like bean-bag-toss, or other activities to keep guests entertained. Moreover, other than the first dance, group dances or skits done with friends and family for the guests are highly recommended and memorable. This is such a great bonding event which will make this wedding feel more about you and what you like, rather than what you need to do to please the 150 guests in a traditional big wedding.

Smaller weddings allow you to customize and personalize the wedding to make it all about the happy couple and create an amazing memory for everyone present. Hence, how Micro-weddings will truly become the new trend of 2021!

Wedding Venue KL – Quintessentially Yours


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