Wedding Venue KL: COVID-19 and the Future of Weddings

It’s an unpredictable time for all weddings – thousands of events across the world have been canceled, leaving couples wondering if they’ll finally get the chance to tie the knot. As restrictions start easing worldwide, a new normal for how ceremonies and receptions are held will require everyone to adapt.

Despite these setbacks, weddings are still being celebrated with enthusiasm but in completely different ways, adapting to local regulations in response to COVID-19.

Below, we dive into a few of the ways that weddings are adapting to the coronavirus pandemic.

wedding hygiene

WEDDING VENUE KL: Increased Hygiene Standards

The coronavirus pandemic has given a whole new meaning to what personal hygiene means to everyone. From entry to exit points, wedding venues in KL need to place sanitisers and hand napkins at every point. Wedding guests should be able to sanitise their hands on arrival and also have access to cleaning and protective equipment around them. All wedding venues KL should also diligently disinfect spaces pre and post the wedding function.

Other than venue hygiene, makeup artists, and photographers also have to follow strict standard operating procedures (SOP). To ensure the safety of the bride and groom, makeup artists and hairstylists will need to wear masks and sanitise their products used at all times. Photographers and videographers documenting the joyous occasion will also need to downsize their team to cover the wedding.

That said, we encourage all couples not to shy away from asking their vendors what new protocols they’ve put in place to ensure a peace of mind.

At Colony, the safety of our guests and visitors has always been our top priority. Since reopening our doors in early May, we’ve increased our frequency and intensity of our hygiene and sanitary measures:

  • Hand sanitisers and disposable face masks available at the Concierge for our guests.
  • Increased the frequency and intensity of our hygiene and sanitary measures, including and not limited to: garbage disposal, cleaning, disinfecting door handles, handrails, lockers, washrooms, front desks, and business equipment at all common areas, and changing hand soaps and dishwashing liquids to antibacterial formulations.
  • Temperature screening for all guests and visitors who visit our space are recorded along with contact details under the guidelines from the Ministry of Health.

WEDDING VENUE KL: Spaced Out Seating Arrangements

While increasing hygiene standards is the new normal, we have seen shifts in wedding venues accommodating social distancing with spaced-seating arrangements. A well-thought-out seating arrangement is essential to reduce risks, and weddings can look at using bigger tables with limited seating to maintain distance between people. For example, a table for 10 guests should be assigned to 5 guests only.

Wedding Venue KL - Star Boulevard KLCC Rooftop Garden

WEDDING VENUE KL: Consider Open-air Weddings

Besides, couples could also look at holding an open-air wedding as this gives guests more space to roam about while helping them maintain physical distancing at the same time, as compared to an indoor wedding.

If you’re looking for a wedding that’s intimate and private, look no further with Colony Star Boulevard KLCC. With our different venue offerings, plan your solemnisation and/or wedding reception in our outdoor ROOFTOP GARDEN, overlooking the Petronas Twin Towers, or our BALLROOM featuring refined aesthetics that will blow your guests away.

Aside from ticking your aesthetic needs, it’s important to know that all events held at our event spaces also adhere to the social distancing guideline where all attendees must maintain a distance of 1 (one) meter from each other.

Wedding Venue KL

WEDDING VENUE KL: Plated Meals instead of a buffet or family-style meal

While delicious food is still a priority for weddings, dishes prepared and served must still follow safety precautions. Looking ahead, weddings will likely opt for a sit-down plated meal instead of a buffet or family-style meal. To further comply with social distancing measures, couples may also want to provide bottled cocktails or plated hors d’oeuvres during cocktail hour.

WEDDING VENUE KL: Local Weddings and the Virtual Experience

Say goodbye to destination weddings – with travel restrictions still in place, we can expect couples to opt for local weddings in their hometowns. Additionally, we foresee that the live streaming of weddings will rise in popularity, due to restrictions for non-essential travel. Whatever the case of your wedding guest being unable to attend your wedding, it’s important to embrace technology to make everyone feel included.

Our Final Thoughts

While the corona virus has changed the way weddings are held, we can be sure that the celebration, joy, and love surrounding weddings will still remain, long after COVID-19.


So, what are you waiting for? Secure a wedding consultation with our experienced planners, to discover what we can bring your dream wedding to life in Colony Star Boulevard KLCC. Enquire now on our live chat or email us at to learn more about our exclusive Wedding Venue KL rates and perks! 


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