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Every type of wedding deserves a beautiful photo album to reflect back on at wedding venue KL. Particularly, weddings that took place starting from 2020 may not have gone the way they had envisioned, however nothing stops love. Regardless of weddings looking different this year, it has just made couples more creative in making their big day special while capturing it all. Here are some tips on how to capture your special moments on your big day.

WEDDING VENUE KL #1– Focus On the Small Details

With meaningful moments,  it can give you more time to focus on the smaller details that you’ve prepared for your big day. Especially with smaller, and more intimate weddings, it gives you the opportunity to catch up on the more intimate moments. When creating your wedding album, you can forget some traditional shots and focus on the beautifully detailed shots that really set the true tone of your wedding.

WEDDING VENUE KL #2 – Don’t Skip The Getting Ready Photos

A traditional wedding may have a larger bridal party, and more space to get ready. But a personal or smaller ceremony might not offer the same options. However, neither is an issue as the most intimate shots are taken when you are getting ready, and it should be captured no matter the style of the wedding. If you are getting ready with family, you can focus on more intricate details, such as your jewellery, shoes, makeup, dress which is a great addition to a wedding album.

WEDDING VENUE KL #3- Include Scene-Setting Shots

A scenic location, or a wedding destination? Regardless of a massive wedding, or an intimate ceremony capturing memories in your momentous location is one for the books. Capturing landscape photos and views, are pictures that speak for themselves and fill in the perfect gaps for variation in your album.

WEDDING VENUE KL #4- Don’t Forget Zoom Guests

Due to the pandemic, a lot of weddings are only allowed in a certain capacity. Leaving couples to get creative, and to have their dream weddings with a majority of their guests attending through zoom. A creative way to get your guests a part of your photos is to create a shared album, where guests are able to dress up and take their own photos which they can contribute to the shared album. Another way is to take screenshots if you want all your zoom guests in the shot. While they aren’t the ideal photos, you will be grateful you did it in the future.

WEDDING VENUE KL #5- Incorporate Advice

For the final pages of your wedding album, including handwritten notes about your special day or advice to your future self is a beautiful way to celebrate your day. Preserving these notes in your wedding album will be an intimate memory to look back on in your future years.


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