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Wedding Venue KL

There’s no doubt your wedding at Wedding Venue KL will be a memorable and intimate event for everyone involved. But incorporating one-of-a-kind personalized wedding favors is the icing on the cake for your beloved guests, and is a kind gesture to thank them for joining your celebration. Ready to find the perfect favor for your wedding? Read on for 5 wedding favors your guests will love.

WEDDING VENUE KL #1– Potted Succulents 

Wedding Venue KL

A popular idea is to order or DIY potted plants or succulents are especially common. You don’t have to hand out large ones, either. Plant the seed for an eco-friendly, yet affordable wedding favor with small succulents in stylish mini pots. To add a personal touch, DIY it and decorate the pots by adding your initials or your guests’ names.

WEDDING VENUE KL #2 – Monogrammed Wine

Another popular idea is gifting your friends and family with a bottle of wine, decorated with your personal label? You can include a monogram to add a personalized touch. This wedding favor is especially perfect for smaller, and more intimate affairs, as it can lead to a pricier side. If you and your partner want to gift a truly special favor, inquire about your favorite winery, they may give you custom labels, for special favors.


Want to create a glow of elegance at your wedding? Choosing to give candles as a wedding favor is a great choice for any wedding theme. Say thank you to your family and friends with personalized candles and a small note. You can take a step further by personalizing the candle box or tin itself.

WEDDING VENUE KL #4- Take-Home Sweets

No matter your age, setting up a dessert counter, complete with mini donuts, chocolates, and macaroons is such a fun and youthful way to thank your guests by sending them home with sweets to enjoy. Set up a table with coordinating colors for the perfect look, and offer custom brown paper bags for your guests to pack a snack.

WEDDING VENUE KL #5- Custom Illustrations

This is a perfect idea if you want a truly personalized experience! For example, bringing in an illustrator or painter to do custom portraits of your guests, and printing on-site to take home is a great thing to look back on and remember a special occasion for a unique memento.


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