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It only took a few months before COVID-19 changed the world and work landscape as we knew it – some of the world’s largest companies were forced to pivot and adapt to the new normal and the traditional workweek in an office or serviced office kl was no more. Minimizing interactions at work and practicing social distancing was essential to curb the COVID-19 outbreak as the whole world needed to adapt to these new changes.

In today’s piece, we explore how businesses are adapting to a more versatile, agile, and flexible workstyles since the impact of COVID-19.

Serviced Office KL #1 – Goodbye, in-person meetings

One result from the COVID-19 pandemic was that people were forced to work from home and hold meetings virtually, as opposed to in-person gatherings. This led to previously office-based workers taking virtual meetings on platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Cisco Webex, and more.

And this shift didn’t just stop at a work level, there’s also been a growth in hybrid events as well, providing audiences with the opportunity to participate, learn, and engage even if they can’t attend in-person. If you’re looking to host a hybrid event, look no further than with Colony. We provide fully-customizable Webinar packages – from recording online courses to large-scale product launches and conferences, our equipment and infrastructure are designed to help you create a professional virtual event!

Serviced Office KL #2 – The rise of remote working

remote work | serviced office kl

While remote work arrangements are not new, they certainly did get propelled further during the COVID-19 outbreak. Although remote work implemented by businesses are meant to be temporary, it seems likely that it may be adopted by most on a more permanent basis. One extremely positive outcome we’ve noticed from working from home is that employers are now gauging employee efficiency based on work delivered, versus the façade employees put on in a traditional office where long hours in the office usually equated to more hours put into work.

With remote work becoming more normalized, businesses may likely start looking further ahead to hire more talents for the businesses, too. This allows access to a national or global talent pool available to the company without the limits of distance – all thanks to technology.

Serviced Office KL #3 – Employee wellbeing at the forefront

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As organizations look to adapt to the “new normal” for employees, it’s also managed to create unprecedented levels of change and stress on everyone, ultimately having adverse impacts on employee wellbeing. If it continues to go unaddressed, its effects may include difficulty concentrating, poor health, difficulty making decisions, disconnectedness, and absenteeism. That said, organizations have started to proactively invest in the physical, emotional, and social health of their employees to ensure that the workforce remains productive, engaged, and innovative.

In fact, according to the 2020 Intelligent Workplace Report ‘Shaping Employee Experiences for a World Transformed’ by global technology services company NTT, it was found that 96 percent of organizations believe employee needs will be at the heart of the future workplace design, with connectivity and workspace issues such as bandwidth, a feeling of isolation and a lack of dedicated workspace all contributing to their concerns.

Serviced Office KL #4 – A spick and span workspace

As lockdowns across the world eased and COVID-19 community cases went down, organizations started opening up their designated office spaces once again. With this, they will have strict protocols in place to keep employees and customers safe. These include practicing social distancing, wearing face masks, staggering schedules to limit the number of employees in the office at one time, or even putting up partitions in between desks.

Despite the new protocols being put into place, all of us need to play our part to flatten the curve. At Colony, our mission has always been to elevate your experience at work and that means making sure that we provide a safe environment for you when you come to work.

For more information about our on-going efforts on how we’re tackling COVID-19, our updated COVID-19 Safety Measure and Guidelines list out the initiatives we’ve done since the beginning of the pandemic.

The future of work is flexible with a Serviced Office KL 

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has confronted the world with plenty of challenges and the ripples of the pandemic will likely be felt for years to come. However, this has led industries to adopt flexible workstyles, benefitting not just the employees but the business as well.

Make the shift and evolve your workplace strategy to incorporate one that involves health, safety, employee happiness, and productivity! At Colony, we provide flexible workspaces that are available to scale on-demand, giving your business the agile edge it needs. In fact, take advantage of our latest promotion and save up to 2 months of rent!

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