How to Move Forward when your Job Feels Meaningless | Serviced Office KL

How to Move Forward When Your Job Feels Meaningless | Serviced Office KL

Being in a particular work environment or job has a big impact on our habits of mind whether remote work, traditional office, or serviced office kl, the job we pursue is a dominant force that forms a part of our identity. It’s been said that, the average person spends 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime, yet for all the time we spend at work, many of us are in jobs we don’t believe are very meaningful. A study showed that only 13% of workers like their job while as many 37% think they have an utterly unfulfilling job.

Writer, Annie Dillard famously said “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” Although meaning is intensely individual, dissatisfaction can stem from many varying factors such as the intended role not matching the job description, creativity stifled from expanding past the cookie-cutter mold, feeling disconnected from the organization’s values and the list goes on.

If it feels like your job has come to a stagnant anti-climax or in other words become meaningless, this one’s for you. Note that meaning doesn’t need to be discovered overnight, but can be built over time. Here are a few ways to find value and positives in the job you’re already doing.

Serviced Office KL : Job Crafting With A Purpose

How to Move Forward When Your Job Feels Meaningless | Serviced Office KL

Often, menial is confused with meaningless, making it difficult to find positives or stay enthusiastic doing daily tasks. Job crafting is a way to reshape your work environment according to your needs by pursuing to push past the job description. Find ways to make new contributions and incorporate your passions, interests, or special skills into your job.

Effective job crafting also depends on finding a win-win solution, where one can shift the emphasis of the job towards your professional strong points while bringing value to the organization as a whole. This can be done by proactively switching up the workplace dynamics, interactions, and mindset behind what you do while remaining in the same job. Which in turn creates a more rewarding halo around your role.

Serviced Office KL : Control Your Success Factors

How to Move Forward When Your Job Feels Meaningless | Serviced Office KL

Lack of control goes hand in hand with lack of motivation, which can leave someone working their daylights away on auto-pilot with no purpose to fulfill. Misaligned measures of success could also put a stint on how we feel about our jobs. The solution?

Regain control over how success is measured for you, internally and externally. Although what your organization demands of you is uncontrollable, one can take control on smaller scales to make daily transactions easier. So instead of associating meaning with recognition and revenue, make commitments to invest in personal as well as professional development opportunities.

Serviced Office KL: Make Your Purpose Personal

How to Move Forward When Your Job Feels Meaningless | Serviced Office KL

Offering assistance or putting yourself forward can be incredibly gratifying and uplifting.

Look for ways to make small contributions to the organization and make your purpose personal, maybe it is taking new employees under your wing, practicing empathy towards colleagues, or going a step above to aid a colleague on a task. Make a conscious effort to connect with colleagues you enjoy and work towards a unified front. Providing assistance, comfort, and support to others expands interpersonal relations that can be leveraged to root oneself to the organization’s values.

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How to Move Forward When Your Job Feels Meaningless | Serviced Office KL

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