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Time management – one of the most effective skills you can have in your life and workplace, whether you’re currently working from home, a serviced office kl, a coworking space kl, or even a traditional office. While it’s difficult to take control of how you spend each minute of your day, there are ways you can optimise your time using technology.

In today’s post, we’ve pulled together a list of our favourite time management apps to help with time tracking, task management, focus, team management, and more quite easily. Next thing you know, you’ll be wondering how you ever managed to function all these while without these apps.

Multitasking: Best apps for time management | Serviced Office KL

clockify for serviced office kl

Source: Clockify

Track your work hours with Clockify

One of our favourites on this list has to be Clockify. It’s a completely free time management application that lets you track how much time you spend on different activities, providing data that’s meant to improve your work routine. With the data, you’ll have access to reports indicating how productive you have been within a specific time period as well.

With Clockify, there are two ways you can choose how you want your time tracked, on the Time Tracker page:

  • Timer mode: just start the timer once you start working on an activity, and stop it as soon as you’re done.
  • Manual mode: enter the time you’ve spent working on an activity manually.

Availability: Web, Firefox, Chrome, Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux

Source: Remember the Milk

Manage your tasks better with Remember the Milk

For the absent-minded, Remember the Milk is the app for you. It’s a to-do list manager that allows you to add tasks, associate tasks with sub-tasks and define due dates for everything you need to – at any time of the day. You can even prioritise items within lists, tag them with relevant keywords and add notes to individual tasks.

Remember the Milk can also integrate itself across different devices such as Microsoft Outlook, BlackBerry, Siri, Twitter, Gmail, Google calendar, and more.

Availability: Web, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Apple Watch

Source: Forest

Avoid procrastinating on your phone with Forest

For those who spend hours on end on your phone, Forest is for you. With the tagline “Stay Focused, Be Present,” the Forest app is the top productivity and focus app In 136 countries and trains people to manage their time better and ultimately be less dependent on their phones.

By avoiding procrastination on your phone, with the app, you can grow virtual trees to earn coins, which can then be redeemed and used to plant real trees in five countries in Africa — Cameroon, Kenya, Senegal, Uganda, and Tanzania.

Availability: Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox

Source: My Noise

Get ambient noise with My Noise

Did you know that ambient noise can enhance creative performance and trigger brain activity? My Noise app aims to do just that. Created by sound designer Stéphane Pigeon, it’s filled with realistic sounds from the outside world that are meant to keep you focused on your work.

With a wide selection, you can expect sounds like:

  • Rain on a tent – Offering the sounds of rainfall falling on a tent
  • Calm office – Hate the quiet while working from home? Play ambient office sounds with My Noise
  • White rain – Offers the same properties as synthetic noise, but with the tone and comfort of a natural sound
  • Examination hall – Expect to hear the relaxing sounds of an examination hall such as pen clicking, writing and even the footsteps of your supervisor

Availability: Web, iOS, Android

Source: Epic Win

Gamify your to-dos with Epic Win

If you have trouble keeping track of your to-do lists, Epic Win may just be able to help – with a slight twist. They take your to-dos to a whole new level by gamifying the entire process to a fun RPG game.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, start off your adventure with an avatar that will suffer the consequences if you fail to complete your chores or tasks. However, if you manage to finish it, you’ll gain a reward while leveling up, improving your avatar’s stats or gaining riches in the process.

Availability: Android, iOS

Source: Flow

Manage teams with Flow

When it comes to managing projects or teams, we can easily lose track of progress or details can fall through. But with Flow, it’s a management software meant to help with project and team management and track the progression of tasks you have with your team as well.

With Flow, you can

  • plan and manage projects,
  • keep track of everything through progress timelines,
  • visually organise your workflow through a drag & drop system,
  • associate tasks with subtasks and comments

Availability: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS

Source: Around

Multitask better during video calls using Around

If you work from home often, you’re probably no stranger to Zoom and you probably are sick and tired of Zoom taking over your whole screen during the call. With Around, it’s a new video chat software that crops participants down to just circles that float on your screen so you have space for other apps. Designed for laptops, it also uses an auto-zoom function that keeps only your face in focus.

Availability: Web, Windows, macOS, Linux

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