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Coworking Space KL: Colony Connects – Business in Time of
COVID-19 with SoftwareQ 


Coworking Space KL: Colony Connects - Business in Time of COVID-19 with Software Q 

On the final episode of our Colony Connects series, we had a virtual conversation with one of our in-house guests – Software Q an Austria-Malaysia based boutique software company, that develops tailor-made software applications for businesses.

Recognizing the gap that most companies were not prepared for the rapid change in adapting the culture of information exchanging, the team behind SoftwareQ shared with us how their business came about and how the IT industry has been coping during the era of a global crisis.

Coworking Space KL #Q1: How was SoftwareQ established and what does the company do in a nutshell?

A: SoftwareQ was started in Austria back in 2010 and then established in 2019 in Malaysia. We are a diverse and experienced digital solutions provider, focusing on cloud solutions consultation and education. We support organizations in conquering complex software and digital transformation journeys by creating cutting-edge solution architecture and providing software project outsourcing and Team as a Service.

Our extreme ownership of the customer requirements and interpersonal approach makes our services successful and our customers happy.

Coworking Space KL #Q2: What kept the team motivated during this period of uncertainty?

A: We share the same challenges that most companies are facing during this pandemic – movement control. However, we fully support the “work-from-home” initiative and make sure our team feels safe.

Given that we are in the IT sector – delivering software solutions to our client didn’t pose as a big challenge as our team are able to execute their work remotely without it affecting their work quality. We take effort to schedule calls on a daily basis with webcams turned on to connect frequently with our team so that they don’t feel like they’re isolated when working from home.

Coworking Space KL #Q3: Being in the F&B Industry, what was one of the biggest challenges you faced during the pandemic? 

A: Our crucial customer domain is from the oil and gas industry, which does not require any explanation of how hard the pandemic has hit this sector. We build digital solutions for these type clients, mainly in this sector which has impacted us financially.

Since our services are IT-Services, we could still deliver our service with agility in our work and leadership. On the other side, IT Sector has scalability challenges, where lots of companies were not prepared for the amount of rapid increase in the information exchange.

Coworking Space KL #Q4: What technological solutions or development should businesses adapt to given the current situation?

A: In our opinion, having access to internet accessibility and or any form of connectivity is vital. Having Smart TV’s with conferencing capabilities will help businesses ease the adaptation of going digital.

We also feel that having a corporate plan when it comes to internet access would help employees execute their tasks more smoothly and efficiently when they are made to work remotely.

About SoftwareQ

SoftwareQ is an Austrian-Malaysian company, originating from Austria. They are a small-scale company focusing on solution consultation and software development services and have been genuinely active in every segment of the Software Development Lifecycle. SoftwareQ is a software craftmanship corporation with a focus on consulting, training, and software project outsourcing.

If your business is looking for a digital solution to drive your ecosystem – or if you’re eager to learn more about software development – find out more about SoftwareQ’s solution on their website or Instagram page for more information and updates.


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