Coworking Space KL: Business in Time of COVID-19 with Oh Cha Matcha | A Peek into Malaysia’s first Matcha Boutique Café

Coworking Space KL: Colony Connects – Business in Time of
COVID-19 with Oh Cha Matcha


Coworking Space KL: Colony Connects - Business in Time of COVID-19 with Oh Cha Matcha


A trip to Japan was what inspired Kar Heng, the founder of Oh Cha Matcha, to embark on his journey on the beneficial factors behind consuming matcha and bringing it to life in Malaysia.

On the third episode of Colony Connects, we got our hands on some behind-the-scenes details on how this boutique cafe prepped themselves to open their store 2 days right before the MCO and how they reverted to social media to help drive their sales during the lockdown.

Coworking Space KL #Q1: What inspired Oh Cha Matcha to introduce different milk varieties for your drinks?

A: “I personally don’t like the taste of fresh milk and I suffer from bloating whenever I consume it, same goes to my family,” said Kar Heng, the founder of Oh Cha Matcha.

We understand the need to cater to different preferences and restrictions that each individual has. Hence, we decided to offer more varieties to cater to various preferences and diet restrictions. While most cafes offer 1 or 2 non-dairy milk options, we are the first and only cafe that offer 5 selections of non-dairy milk.

Now everyone can enjoy a delicious cup of Matcha minus the bloat!


Coworking Space KL #Q2: What makes your matcha different from the rest? 

A: Our Matcha is produced with refined quality, directly imported from the holy land of Matcha in Uji, Kyoto, Japan. which sources the world’s best Matcha.

When it comes to high-quality matches, Umami is what we want to look for that gives out a savoury taste close similar to seaweed. Contrary to popular belief, Matcha isn’t supposed to be bitter and it should also be vibrant in colour and not dull in green.

When it comes to taste, we do not use sugar like regular cafes. Instead, we use stevia as our sweetener without adding any other artificial syrup to enhance its flavour making our beverages sugar-free, dairy-free and guilt-free.


Coworking Space KL #Q3: Being in the F&B Industry, what was one of the biggest challenges you faced during the pandemic? 

A: The biggest challenge was when we opened our doors 2 days before MCO, so we didn’t have any room to greet or invite our customers to physically.

As we were new then, we weren’t registered on any delivery platforms. So we drove our operations towards drive-thru services and self pick-ups by placing an order on our Instagram.

When dine-ins were allowed, the restrictions on the capacity did affect our revenue. Thankfully, our regulars still dropped by our stores to purchase which helped us weather through the tough period we had.


Coworking Space KL #Q4: Where do you picture Oh Cha Matcha to be in 5 years time?

A: Just like other businesses who’ve just started, we would love to see ourselves expanding in the years to come.

We’ve always had a passion for anything Matcha and we want everyone to get a taste of its flavour and show them how versatile and healthy Matcha can be, and overall enjoy exploring this greeny goodness!


About Oh Cha Matcha

Oh Cha Matcha is all about dairy-free, sugar-free & guilt-free matcha. Their matcha is 137 times more antioxidants than green tea. Severely high in antioxidant. One and only matcha store that has 5 selections of non-dairy milk and doesn’t use artificial syrup.

If you’re wanting to get a taste of Oh Cha Matcha’s beverages after reading this, stop by at their newest branch at our Colony @ KLCC location as well as check out both of their websites and Instagram page for more updates.


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