Introducing the Ultra Flex Solution: The Ultimate Flexible Lease for Businesses

With the unfaltering COVID-19 situation, tying the knot with a long-term contract especially on your coworking space kl lease can potentially derail the sustainability of your business. To help keep your business agile and competitive, Colony Coworking Space KL has come up with the ultimate flexible lease for business: THE ULTRA FLEX SOLUTION.

We’re giving you the freedom to choose your own terms and react to the economic demands at any time. Read on to learn why you should opt for our Ultra Flex Solution to be included in your lease.

Ultra Flex Solution: Low commitments

In the past, signing a lease with us meant having to put down two months of rental deposit. Now, we’re giving you much more flexibility to scale your business operations through lower commitments. With our Ultra Flex Solution, we only require a deposit of RM500 per workstation only and no deposit is required if you opt for our Resevered Desk plans .

On top of low commitments, everything you need to run a company is included. Such as:

  • Mail scanning and forwarding service: At all our locations, our receptionists receive mail and store it safely ready for collection. Alternatively, we can also forward it to your home or alternative address.
  • Videoconferencing: While hosting large meetings in person isn’t currently advised, you can still host videoconferences with your team. At all our locations, we have plenty of meeting rooms available with high-speed Internet connectivity for virtual meetings, online presentations, webinars, and workshops.
  • High-speed WiFi and internet access: If your home broadband isn’t up to the demands of your business, we are fully equipped to provide high speed, business-grade Internet connectivity.

Not to forget, you still gain access to our concierge services and our curated Colony member perks for you to enjoy!

Ultra Flex Solution: Easy contract exit strategy

At Colony, we offer a safe and secure environment for your workforce with an extensive range of flexible workspace solutions that allow you to be agile, flexible, and ready anytime, anywhere. However, with the uncertainties that the COVID-19 pandemic brings, we understand that a long-term lease can affect your company’s flexibility.

With our Ultra Flex Solution, you’ll have the flexibility to terminate within 1-day notice (Normal lease: 30 days’ notice), or if you’re looking to take a hiatus, you’ll also have the luxury of freezing your tenancy within the 1-day notice and we’ll welcome you back whenever you’re ready.

Ultra Flex Solution: Quick refunds

Reserved Desk – Colony Coworking Space @ Star Boulevard

Customer satisfaction is our top agenda and we’re always looking for ways to match your expectations and deliver you the best service. However, if you’re looking to part ways with us and want a refund, we’re here to help you out.

With our Ultra Flex Solution, we’re giving your company maximum agility to retain cash flow (while keeping your liabilities low!) by guaranteeing a 7-day refund of your security deposit after termination, which considering in a typical office lease, security deposits can take up to 60 days to be returned or be completely forfeited when you opt to terminate your lease.

Coworking Space KL: Who is the Ultra Flex Solution for?

Well, you, of course! If you’re currently looking for one of the following, you are entitled to opt for our Ultra Flex Solution:

  • CUSTOM WORKSPACE PLANS: A fully-customised plan tailored to your business needs that includes a mixture of private offices, reserved desks, and/or hot desks.
  • PRIVATE OFFICES: All our private offices come equipped with sturdy workstations, ergonomic chairs, and carpeted floors, providing you the security and privacy you need.
  • RESERVED DESKS: Have your very own reserved desk at our coworking area. Expect the same benefits with private offices, minus the four walls.

Choose your own flexible office terms with us! 

Looking for a new office space with world-class amenities and modern facilities? Colony Coworking Space KL is one of the premium coworking spaces in Malaysia with centers hovering around Klang Valley such as Kuala Lumpur and Damansara is labeled as the Best Coworking Space in Malaysia by Trusted Malaysia.

Our spaces are frequently sanitised with hand sanitizers and face masks ready upon requests, high-speed and uninterrupted Wi-Fi services, and our offices are also luxuriously designed with first-class amenities such as a gym, in-house cafe, swimming pool, nursing room, and kids’ room as well. On top of that, all your office needs will be well handled by our friendly and highly trained community managers.

If you would like to learn more about our Ultra Flex Solution, you can click here for the full breakdown, or reach out to us via email at or call at +60 18-213 8086.

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