Coworking Space KL: The Break Up Kit

Hospitality Story At Colony Coworking Space KL #2: The Break Up Kit

Most of us will experience the pain of loss at one point in life. All of this is gut-wrenching but day by day, it will get better, and faster when you have someone that cares for you.

But, what if someone around you is going through a breakup? What would you do? Are you going to be their shoulder to cry on and let them bawl their eyes out or simply just let them heal?

To continue, here’s the story at Colony coworking space KL, Eco City;

It was on one afternoon, when one of our Community Managers, Priyanka saw our guest, Alex at the exit entrance with puffy eyes as she was making her way back into her office. Priyanka was then informed by Alex’s colleague that she had just broken up with her then-boyfriend.

Concerned about her wellbeing, Priyanka decided to cheer her up with a Break-up Kit that consists of pampering products like face masks, chocolates and candy, and even tissues to wipe her tears. Believing in going the extra mile, she also decided a rubbish bag was needed for distressing memories, including a lighter, in case throwing them away wasn’t enough.

As we have been instilled to serve above and beyond for our guests, we believe every little thing counts and could make an impact on others, be it holding a door for others or comforting other people who are struggling. 

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