This Coworking Space Sent All Its 600 Guests A Haze Care Package to Beat The Haze

This Coworking Space Sent All Their 600 Guests A Haze Care Package to Beat The Haze

Colony Coworking Space KL @ Star Boulevard KLCC


After 3 years of clear skies in Kuala Lumpur, the haze came back to Malaysia with the worst hit of all time, resulting in Kuala Lumpur’s air pollution index of more than 200 in September. 

Concerned about the wellbeing of guests, the team at Colony Coworking Space decided to initiate a door-to-door haze care package delivery for all 600 guests across all 5 locations within a day. The haze care package consisted of masks and eye drops. To brighten the mood, it included a specific handwritten haze-related pun! Who doesn’t love a good pun-filled gift? We’re still alive but we’re barely living, amirait?

All haze care packages were sent directly to our guests’ room, including in-house guests, walk-ins and guests who came for tours. Everybody deserves a healthy lifestyle!



Some of the happy faces we received during our door-to-door Haze Care package initiative:

P.S. we’re pretty sure you got your beautifully defined six pack abs by crying and coughing from the haze 😉


Haze Care package, Colony Coworking Space @ Star Boulevard KLCC

We’ve got you covered even when there’s haze! In Colony, we are committed to elevate the experience at work, providing the best hospitality services to all guests that step through our doors. We want our guests to have a first class experience at our coworking space and treating it not just like an office but making it feel like as if its home.

If you’re interested to join our community here in Colony Coworking Space, feel free to book your private viewing tour to our coworking space here!