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    November 15, 2018Colony Update

    Have you ever heard about virtual office? How can virtual and office be in the same sentence? It doesn't make any sense. Well, hold your horses. This post will help you to have a clearer understanding on this virtual office concept.

  • Launch of Colony @ Eco City

    July 23, 2018Colony Update
  • Ramadan Mubarak

    May 15, 2018Colony Update

    As the sacred month of Ramadan disembarks, the practice of self-discipline in terms of not only food but also one’s thoughts, behavior, and language also begins. It is a period for individuals to be repentant, generous and reflective in their life. We at Colony would like to wish our fellow Muslim friends a wonderful Ramadan!

  • Happy Voting Day!

    May 8, 2018Colony Update

    A significant day that commences every four to five years in Malaysia is finally arriving once again. It is a time where every Malaysian citizen should exercise his or her right to vote. A personal decision that is strong enough to empower a change for a nation.

  • Refer a friend to work at Colony and get RM10,000

    February 5, 2018Colony Update

    After a tremendous kickstart to the year, Colony is very excited to keep the momentum going by introducing a Referral Initiative for February 2018!

    Through this initiative, Colony will reward RM 10,000 to any person that recommends a candidate who is hired and confirmed after the initial interview screenings and 6 months of probationary employment.

  • Colony in the media

    August 14, 2017News

    Colony has been lucky to receive vast media attention form online and offline publications alike.

    Here are links to the media coverage of the launch.

  • Here’s from Tim and Audrey

    August 3, 2017Colony Update

    These blog posts are from Tim and Audrey.

    Hear about their inspiration and motivations to build Colony, a co-working space where there is a seamless transition between living and working.