Wedding Venue KL: 7 Ways to Wow Your Guests At Your Reception

Wedding Venue KL - Ways to Wow Your Guests

While most weddings at wedding venue KL are usually traditional to respect customs, it doesn’t truly stand out from other weddings you may have been to in the past.

So why not spice up your wedding by adding your personal touches? Make your wedding one that will be forever remembered by your friends and families.

7 Ways to Spice up Your Wedding Venue KL 

Have some entertainment for your guests before, during or after they are eating at your wedding venue KL

Wedding Venue KL

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No wedding is complete without some entertainment, lest your guests are bored. Consider the theme you’re aiming for your wedding when deciding the entertainment you want to provide.

Most weddings will usually have music performances. Other marriages have games, dances (whether it’s just you lovebirds or the whole crowd) and even tattletales.

Change up your outfits

Wedding Venue KL - The White Atelier Shoes

Wedding Shoes by The White Atelier

If you’ve ever been a part of wedding planning, the bride’s dresses can sometimes be uncomfortable due to the size, weight, and impracticality. Granted, it’s only meant to be worn for a few hours, and it’s one of the most important days of your life.

So why not change out to a more comfortable outfit once the reception is over? Dress into something flashy during the lunch/dinner that will make your guests go “WOW!”.

Anticipate their needs

Your guests will love you when you look at the small details. Is your wedding going to provide alcohol? Best offer lots of water and some light snacks to help deal with potential hangovers after partying at your wedding venue KL.

Is your wedding going to have meals with cheese or milk in it? Most of us Asians are lactose intolerant, even though we love cheese and milk tea so much. Have some remedies for stomach aches ready for your guests.

Children Friendliness At Your Wedding Venue KL

Here’s an alternative to child-free weddings: dedicated areas for children.

Some couples will have weddings that have child-free rules, but this means some important guests could be excluded from being able to attend.

Hire someone responsible that can provide entertainment for the children, such as movies, ventriloquists, or even games to keep them occupied.

Your guests will surely thank you for it.

Have an Afterparty

Wedding Venue KL - Afterparty

Source: Bella Tiara

Book a reservation at a nearby club or Airbnb to finally let off steam with your closest friends. After a long day of planning, walking, and entertaining guests, you deserve the rest.

Also, make sure that your friends will have a safe ride home, they’ll appreciate it :).

The Cake!

Wedding Venue KL

Source: The Knot

No wedding is complete without cakes! Make it big; make it grand, make it outstanding!

It doesn’t have to be a traditional white wedding cake you see at every wedding. You can always make one that makes your wedding sincerely yours.

End it With a Bang

Wedding Venue KL - Fireworks

Source: Quora

What are you thinking? We’re talking about fireworks! Light up your wedding ceremony with a fireworks display at the end. You can tie up the colour schemes to your wedding theme too!

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