Coworking Space KL: The Same Blue Shirt



coworking space KL: the same blue shirt

“Who would have thought a fantasy could be a reality, right?”

The heart of service has always been the Colony Coworking Space KL team’s unwavering commitment to everyone who walks through our door. If you didn’t already know, the team is empowered to spend RM100 on each guest per day to make their day. But excellent services and hospitalities are not always about how expensive are the gifts or the money being spent on your guests. It’s also about being anticipating your guests’ needs in the most creative way possible to surprise them.

Recently, one of our guests at Colony Coworking Space KL, Mutiara Damansara, Varun Naidu, shared his experience here with us.

Here’s his story:


Coworking Space: The Exact Blue Shirt


The story began when he accidentally got his shirt stuck at the metal entrance door. His shirt was torn off and was inflicted with an open wound while rushing to his office at Colony.

He approached our front desk, and the team immediately tended to his injury. The Community Managers dropped by the nearest clothing store, bought the same shirt he had worn at that time, including the colour and size (it was a rough guess!). Varun was overwhelmed by the kind gesture when he came in the next morning and was welcomed by a brand new shirt waiting on his desk. 

Sometimes we forget how much of an impact a small gesture can make to someone’s day. We continue to believe that guest experience at our coworking space KL plays an essential role in changing the experience at work. It is our duty to provide the best care to our guests and anyone who walks to our doors. Thank you, Varun, for allowing us to do so. We hope you enjoy our coworking space KL.

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