Power Hour: GPayroll, WOBB and Sahel Mahdi at our KLCC Event Space KL

Organised by our team at our KLCC event space KL.

Power Hour is a monthly event that aims to make our beloved community aware of the partners currently residing in our coworking spaces KL. The event provides an opportunity for our partners to introduce themselves.

This month’s Power Hour brings you online payroll company GPayroll, Malaysian job platform WOBB and digital marketing and social media entrepreneur Sahel Mahdi.

Introducing Our Partners At Our Event Space KL.


GPayroll is an online payroll company that offers a fully automated payroll and HR software. It provides a wide variety of features and customizable options that cater to your specific organisation’s needs.

An introduction on GPayroll at Colony's Event Space KL

An introduction on GPayroll.

It also provides automatic submissions on taxes, EPF, SOSCO and EIS, so you don’t have to.

With origins from Singapore, they have now expanded to 8 countries in the Asia Pacific region including Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea.

We want to thank GPayroll for offering a discount for our partners at our event space KL by providing an additional six months with a 1-year subscription! Do contact them if you would like to know more.

Colony’s partners gain an additional six months of Gpayroll’s services for free when subscribed to their 1-year package!


WOBB is a Malaysian job search platform founded in 2014 by Derek Toh, a former Associate Director at recruitment firm Robert Walters, Malaysia.

Their goal is to be Asia’s most loved job search platform that helps people discover any job with any employer in the market.

At our event space KL, WOBB shared on how that Gen Y is not looking just for a job, but for a company with culture. They’ve also provided some general guidelines on the new ways to search for a job.

Sahel Mahdi

A digital marketing and social media entrepreneur, Sahel Mahdi shared a few tips and tricks on how to be successful in social media marketing.

We want to thank GPayroll, WOBB and Sahel Mahdi for taking part in this month’s Power Hour!

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