Flower Workshop: Blossom M and Lee Ju Yeon At Our Event Space

Blooming At Our KL Eco City Event Space

Throughout the weekend on July 27 and 28, Florists Blossom M and Lee Ju Yeon conducted a 2-day course for aspiring florists at our KL Eco City event space. We’re incredibly grateful to be chosen as the venue to bloom the workshop!

Blossom M and Lee Ju Yeon On Our Event Space

Blossom M is a florist based in Ipoh that not only provide elegant boutiques for sale but premium Korean floral supplies as well.

They have partnered with Lee Ju Yeon, a renowned florist hailing from South Korea and together, they have conducted four successful wedding and florist courses. They are looking forward to hosting more classes for budding florists in the future.

Their distinctive boutique designs are a real Instagram worthy eye-catcher and are sure to stand out from the crowd!

Follow their Instagram if you are interested in their future courses!

Getting Flowery At Our Event Space

During the 2-day course, attendees learnt a variety of boutique styles that allows them to design exquisite bouquets appropriate on any occasions.

Lee Ju Yeon at our KL Eco City event space with a handheld flower bouquet

Lee Ju Yeon @vanessflower showing one of her signature flower bouquets. Image credits to @blossom_m_florist

The styles range from your typical flower bouquets for romantic purposes, to large bouquets fit for grand openings.

A row of boutiques on stands where students are being trained in the 2-day floral course at our KL Eco City svent space

Students are learning how to make a grand opening flower basket at our KL Eco City event space. Image credits to @blossom_m_florist.


A woman piecing designing a flower basket.

Learning how to design a flower basket. Image credits go to @vanessflower.

Once again, many thanks to Blossom M and Lee Ju Yeon for choosing our event space to host the 2-day workshop.

If you would like an event space for rent in KL, visit our webpage or contact us at +6018 213 8086 to book a tour!

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