Serviced Office KL: 6 Tips to Polish Your Networking Skill

serviced office kl: networking tips

There are plenty of benefits that come from renting a serviced office kl, but our top favorite has to be the networking opportunities that come from being in the same space with many exciting budding businesses. And, love it or hate it, networking is essential when it comes to forming business relationships with others, in like or related fields. With networking, it can also help expand your business’ ability to find new customers, partner up, or grow.

If you’re new to the shared space environment, no worries, we’ve pulled together our top tips to follow for effective communication while networking in a serviced office kl.

Make the most of your Serviced Office KL: Networking tips

serviced office kl: networking tips

Serviced Office KL Tip #1: Strike a conversation

A key element to effective networking is to make yourself known, so, make it a point of introducing yourself to everyone you meet. This builds on the premise that the more people you meet, the higher chance there will be of getting to know each other and each other’s respective businesses.

Pro tip: If you’re shy to strike up conversations IRL, consider using emails to introduce yourself to the entire office. It also gives you the chance to reveal more information about yourself than through a casual personal greeting.

serviced office kl: networking tips

Serviced Office KL Tip #2: Socialize while networking

When it comes to serviced offices, a benefit often overlooked is the shared pantries and recreational facilities. Take advantage of this and use the opportunity to socialize! Who knows, you might just meet someone interesting while heating up your food in the microwave! Don’t always look at making business contacts, but rather, interact with them to connect with their ideas better. This in turn can help you understand how they can add value to your growth and vice-versa.

Pro tip: Be open-minded and use every professional and social opportunity to meet and connect with new people.

serviced office kl: networking tips

Serviced Office KL Tip #3: Share ideas and opinions

One of the most valuable benefits of serviced offices is diversity. Be it the people, their expertise and craft, or even the types of ideas present. It’s important to tap onto that kind of energy and get involved in discussions, trade knowledge, and ideas that can lead to future gains.

Pro tip: Listen. Try not to get too carried away driving the conversation as it’s important to listen to others as well.

serviced office kl: networking tips

Serviced Office KL Tip #4: Participate in social events

At shared spaces, the community managers regularly organize a multitude of activities for you to take advantage of. If you’re not very comfortable striking a conversation while at work, these events may pose to be a more comfortable environment for you to make lasting connections.

Community events at Colony,  are organised on a regular basis for our guests to mingle with distinguished professionals that bring your brand to newer heights and look forward to learn something new such as yoga classes, tea making and calligraphy workshop and celebration national days  such as International Coffee Day!

Serviced Office KL Tip #5: Spread the word 

When it comes to brand and personality recall, we recommend investing in business cards and other useful promotional materials. These can include everyday office items such as pens, notebooks, power banks, etc. With investments such as these, it will remind your neighbors about you and your company’s name, ensuring favorable brand recall value.

Serviced Office KL Tip #6: Don’t be too pushy

We all agree that as professionals, we use these shared spaces as a strategic tool to make connections, receive feedback, and even find sales leads. That’s completely fine; our only advice is to be sure that you aren’t being too aggressive in your interactions. Sometimes when we come across too pushy in conversations, this behavior may be off-putting and reduce the chance of making an effective pitch. After all, your office mates are there to work.

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