Event Space KL: Best Practices for Hosting Secure Virtual Events

Event Space KL

Since the spread of COVID-19, we’ve seen the whole world shift to working from their homes and transforming their lifestyles to a more digital one – that includes the widespread adoption of virtual event participation across a wide range of business and personal uses, such as conference calls, video chats, online demonstrations.

While we’re adapting very well to this new online landscape, there’s also the danger of unscrupulous individuals taking advantage of the growing popularity of virtual meetings and exploiting them. Therefore, it’s important to protect your content and intellectual property, while also giving your attendees peace of mind, especially when it comes to their data.

As an Event Space KL organiser, it’s important to take the security of your virtual event very seriously. Today, we’ve round up a list of tips to keep your virtual events safe and secure for your users:

target audiences for your virtual event space kl

Event Space KL Tip #1: Market your event directly to your target audience

Rather than sharing your virtual event with the entire world, consider marketing your event directly with your target audience. All you need to do is utilise email lists, public relations and advertising in industry trade publications, and direct marketing tactics to reach your relevant audience. That way, you lessen your chance of inadvertently attracting unscrupulous individuals to your event.

According to Trend Micro, organisations should avoid displaying this information openly on social media platforms and on their website. Although it might seem convenient to share meeting info on public platforms like social media, users should avoid doing this as it can potentially lead to disruptions and other malicious activity

keep your content safe - virtual event space kl

Event Space KL Tip #2: Keep your content safe

With plenty of online conferences underway, there’s a wealth of information that can be easily stolen and passed around the internet without your approval or knowledge. Make sure you’re not revealing any sensitive information that would give away any of your private data, or any of your attendees’ during the online conference or put you in a position to jeopardise your call.

Event Space KL Tip #3: Use a webinar instead of a meeting

While meetings are fantastic when it comes to collaboration and interaction between all participants, however, webinars include several features that will majorly prevent Zoombombing – a recent term coined from unwanted, disruptive intrusion by Internet hackers, into a video conference call. Through webinars, it will only allow content sharing, audio, and video for panelists; while attendees are automatically in “Listen & View Only” mode when they join a session. This ultimately puts who can participate and affect the session into your hands!

double check attendees during your virtual event space kl

Event Space KL Tip #4: Double-check your attendees’ list

It’s important to know the total number of users and the names of those joining your online conference can protect your call from unwanted visitors. Remove anyone on the call who is not supposed to be a part of the meeting. For meetings where confidential information is being shared, such as a company all-hands meeting, increase your call’s security by requiring participants to authenticate by logging in before they can join the meeting.

password protect your virtual event space kl

Event Space KL Tip #5: Password protect meetings

As the host of a meeting, this is mandatory to ensure security on your calls. This protects you against uninvited guests and to secure information about the meeting, including meeting names and organisers. Ensure that the password generated includes letters, numbers, and unique characters to avoid password guessing by hackers.

Event Space KL Tip #6: Act swiftly if compromised

In the event that something malicious does happen, organisers should mute all participants, inform them the call has been compromised, and promptly end the call. The platform provider should then be notified about the breach and reported to their legal and security teams as well.


With more users relying on audio and video conferences, it’s more important than ever to understand how to stay protected against hackers and keep your privacy safe.

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