Event Space KL: 3 Pro-Tips to Pull off a Surprise Birthday Party

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Throwing a surprise party can be an incredibly daunting task. And while figuring out how to plan a surprise birthday party doesn’t sound that hard, it takes additional planning beyond the typical birthday party.

With the covert nature of your surprise birthday party, you’ll need a solid plan to leak-proof your scheme to avoid the surprise from becoming a letdown for everyone involved. Read on for some tips that will make throwing a surprise birthday party a breeze.

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Event Space KL Phase One: The Plan

Just like any other party, you need to consider the logistics – the venue, the theme, and even the food. But unlike typical birthday parties, you’ll need to think about it from your guest-of-honour’s (GOH) perspective, and that’s where the sleuthing comes in.

Go Sherlock on them

It’s important to find out the likes and dislikes of your GOH without giving the surprise away. A good way to do this is by getting them to talk about the other parties they’ve attended and see if you can replicate it for their birthday. Mention the theme, food, and décor to get a gist of what they like, without making it seem too obvious.

When it comes to planning the guest list, a great place to start is by going through your GOH’s social to determine who to invite. Their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts are good places to start – just keep in mind to keep the guest to a minimum as this will reduce the chance of the surprise being ruined.

Choose the right day

When it comes to getting a good turnout, we’ve noticed that Fridays and Saturdays are days where people are more inclined to go out. However, it’s important to send a Save the Date early so that you aren’t competing with other events on the same day. The worst thing that could happen at a surprise party is that there’s no one to scream, “SURPRISE!”

Pro-tip #1: Get an accomplice to plan a “fake” activity with the GOH. This not only throws them off the scent but ensures that they will be available on the day of the surprise birthday party. To make the fake plan even more realistic, you can also let a few other guests in on the fake plan, too.

Pro-tip #2: Make sure the GOH is doing an activity in which they have dressed appropriately for the surprise party. Ultimately, the party is for them so you want them to feel their best in front of their friends and family.

The invite

Once you’ve narrowed down your guest list and picked your date, you can move on to the next step – the invitation. To keep it on the down-low, we recommend putting together a private Facebook event invite to keep track of the attendees and use the platform as an all-one-one solution to provide updates to your guests.

The venue

Choosing a bar or restaurant your guest of honour loves is always a smart option for a surprise birthday – that way we know for sure she’ll at least love the food and drinks. If there are cocktail or drinks available before the party, do pre-arrange a bar tab to ensure that the drinks come quickly and easily.

Event Space KL Phase Two: The Ambush

You’ve put in blood, sweat, and tears to make the surprise birthday party happen. Make it count by planning out this important moment. Have a set time, but make sure you’re able to be flexible.

Arrival of guests

Inform your guests of the time they need to arrive. It’s important to reiterate that this time must be taken seriously. We wouldn’t want the GOH walking into guests on their way in and ruin the surprise.

Pro-tip #3: If you’re the one bringing the GOH to the venue, make sure to have an inside man. This person will be responsible for rounding everyone up before your arrival.


Carefully consider the big reveal ahead of time as there’s nothing worse than a guest being caught in plain sight or prematurely shouting, “SURPRISE!” Also, remember to document the moment! Get your guests to film or photograph the big reveal. Nothing looks better than the surprise on one’s face after the big reveal.


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Event Space KL Phase Three: The Party!

The moment that you’ve been waiting and planning for is finally here – enjoy yourself! Your GOH will feel like a million bucks and you’ll feel like a fantastic friend for successfully pulling off not just an incredible party, but an incredible surprise.


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