Event Space KL: 10 Apps that every Event Planner needs

apps for event space kl

Being an event planner or coordinator is an incredibly tough job, and it’s no wonder Forbes has included event coordinator on their “Most Stressful Jobs” list. Those in the industry know that planning an event is not an easy task – operating under challenging deadlines and in a high-pressure environment to meet their clients’ wants and needs – but the thrill of a successful occasion and the smiles on a client’s face makes it all worth it.

In the midst of event planning, while you’re going through endless checklists or back-up plans, it’s hard to keep track of what’s what. Luckily, we live in a technologically forward world where smartphones and applications thrive, making it much easier to plan and manage events, no matter how large.

Whether it’s a full-time job for you, or you’re trying to pull off a seamless corporate event for your employees, take advantage of our favourite applications that every event planner needs that should make your life a little easier:

Event Space KL app recommendation: For your pre-event needs

MagicPlan app for event space kl

Source: MagicPlan


When it comes to planning an event, there’s a lot of estimating, job costing, and space planning involved. With MagicPlan, the app allows you to use your phone to walk around any space, creating a beautifully accurate floor plan in seconds. You can also create your own virtual tour with the app – perfect when you’re discussing event locations with your boss! The app isn’t only limited to event planners, it’s also handy for those involved in the building, renovation, and construction industry.

Event Space KL app recommendation: For communication

evernote app for event space kl

Source: Evernote


Evernote is a single workspace that allows you to organise all of your ideas and information in one single place. It syncs across your phone, tablet, and computer so you’re never out of touch. It’s basically a digital notebook where you can store web pages you think are inspirational, make notes, save photos, and anything in between. All of which can be used for your event planning projects.

dropbox app for event space kl

Source: Dropbox


Looking for a place to keep your files and documents virtually? Look no further than Dropbox. Dropbox is a cloud storage space where you can keep all your eggs in one place – it neatly organizes your files and syncs with your computer. Dropbox is free for storage space of up to 10 GB, then you either have to clear out your files to make more space or pay an upgrade.

heytell app for event space kl

Source: HeyTell


Remember the good old’ days of the walkie-talkie? Bring them back with HeyTell! The app lets you talk to your crew just like you would with a walkie-talkie — only this time, it’s with your smartphone.

Event Space KL app recommenndation: For project management

podio app for event space kl

Source: Podio


We wished we knew about Podio before we dipped our toes into the world of event management. Long gone are the days of using emails and Excel to manage your event. Podio is a work management platform where you can build customised project management systems, based on your own processes and workflows. It offers flexibility. security and collaboration with your colleagues, customers, or vendors.

basecamp app for event space kl

Source: Basecamp


Basecamp is a project management tool that makes a team more productive and their work a lot easier. But more than that, it can also be used effectively for event planning because of its capabilities. It includes loads of features, including assigning tasks, setting deadlines, group communication, and more. This option is great for large event planning teams.

Event Space KL app recommendation: To engage with event attendees

CrowdCompass AttendeeHub app for event space kl

Source: CrowdCompass AttendeeHub

CrowdCompass AttendeeHub:

An all-in-one app for conferences, it allows attendees to plan their event experience, find where they need to go, read about featured speakers, connect with other attendees, and learn more about sponsors and exhibitors. This helps your guests quickly identify their interests and plan their time well at an event, all in one place.

Sli.do app for event space kl

Source: Sli.do


Once an event is over, the client and guest feedback is essential. Sli.do allows you to quickly interact with your audience once the event ends. This interactive app generates a unique code and that lets users ask questions, vote in polls, and more, all from their own phones. After that, you’ll have access to all the analytics from their feedback.

Event Space KL app recommendation: For attendee management
Certain Arrive app for event space kl

Source: Certain Arrive

Certain Arrive:

When it comes to massive events that include a lot of walk-ins, look no further than Certain Arrive. This easy-to-use app gives you a simple and fast method for guest registration, check-in, and management. You can even set up “VIP notifications” so that you’re immediately alerted when a guest of honor arrives at your event!

Zkipster app for event space kl

Source: Zkipster


Zkipster is a guest list software for event planners and PR professionals covering every part of attendee management. You can use Zkipster to create a guest list, design a seating chart, and seamlessly register guests when they arrive. The app also lets you create simple online event invitations.


Consider using the apps above when you’re planning your next event. If you have an event in mind but you’re still unsure where to host it, consider Colony! With five prestigious locations across the Klang Valley, we’re sure you’ll find one that fits your needs. Enquire now on our live chat or email us at ask@colony.work to learn more about our exclusive event space rates and perks!


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