Serviced Office KL: Benefits of Serviced Offices you didn’t consider before

Serviced offices have been around for decades, and have evolved dramatically ever since, with serviced offices merging the benefits of the private office space with the coworking concept and transforming the way people work worldwide. From the traditional users of serviced offices — freelancers, start-ups, and those who work remotely – today, we’ve seen a shift where larger companies and multinational corporations are looking to move into such spaces.

With the Asia Pacific region riding on this trend, the region now accounts for roughly 35% of all coworking spaces in the world. In Malaysia specifically, there are over 40 coworking operators in the Klang Valley that offer more than 1.6 million sq ft of commercial space in about 130 locations.

From broadening your networking with business professionals to cost savings, serviced offices can make for ideal offices, especially for small and growing businesses. To understand how these spaces have started gaining popularity over the years, we need to look at the many benefits it brings to the table, compared to the conventional workspace.

Here, we look into the underrated benefits of a serviced office.

Serviced Office KL

SERVICED OFFICE KL: Networking Opportunities

One of the most commonly touted benefits of a serviced office is the ability to organically interact with professionals and freelancers from multiple industries and all walks of life. Whether you’re looking for new leads or bouncing off ideas with your desk buddy, serviced offices are the new-age LinkedIn but in real-life and real-time. The person sitting right in front of you may just be the right candidate to assist with setting up your businesses’ social media!

Often, coworking members are willing to discuss and share their ideas, leading you to instantly gain insights or access to skills you never knew your company needed. Inevitably, it works both ways where your skills might be useful to them as well, and this could then lead to new business opportunities.

SERVICED OFFICE KL: Greater Flexibility

Choosing a serviced office also provides flexibility for businesses to scale up or down depending on business growth. Depending on your serviced office, their lease terms can range from relatively short-term leases in terms of months or long-term leases that last for years. One thing to consider when looking for your next space is the availability of a monthly lease renewal, allowing your company to move out and expand whenever it grows instead of committing for years to a single space.

At Colony, our experienced workspace consultants are able to curate a workspace plan that is entirely customisable tailored for your business tied with a 7-day refund promise if you’re unsatisfied with your workspace.

serviced office kl

SERVICED OFFICE KL: Less office expenditure

If you run a relatively small team with less than 12 employees, setting up your business in a coworking space can save on average US$2,700 per month by using a coworking space instead of leasing an office. This can be mainly attributed to the shared nature of the workspace.

It can alleviate financial burdens established in a traditional business structure through the available amenities such as fully-equipped meeting rooms, printing services, refreshments, nap rooms, and more, shared by every user of the space – be it hotdesking or working in a private suite. This will greatly reduce your capital expenditure as you won’t need to invest in high-end equipment as your workspace would already have it included in your work package. If you’re looking at renting a serviced office in the future, it’s important to consider what features you need before choosing the right space for your business.

SERVICED OFFICE KL: Convenient Locations

Another benefit of a serviced office is its location. With its communal nature, most coworking spaces are located in very accessible areas reachable through public transport, and most come equipped with parking facilities as well!

At Colony, we have five locations housed across Klang Valley’s most prestigious addresses including Colony @ KL Sentral, Colony @ KLCC, Colony @ Eco City, Colony @ Mutiara Damansara, and Colony @ Star Boulevard KLCC  which are all connected to transfer hub for all major rail systems, access seamless connection in and out of the city with neighbouring shopping mall and accommodations just a few minutes away by foot.

Coworking Space KL


Nothing screams 21st century professional than working from a serviced office. Most spaces are beautifully designed – from the meeting rooms to common areas – and you can be sure that serviced offices usually offer an upbeat and desirable environment for teamwork.

With distinctive design elements, each Colony location has a unique personality of its own and includes designs integrating European architecture with contemporary furnitures that creates a warm and welcoming space that adapts to the modern palate. If you’re looking for a space to impress your clients or just improve overall productivity, at Colony, we have award-winning design spaces inspired by colonial designs to even Wes Anderson themes right out of a movie scene that will definitely inspire and affect.


Although it is uncertain whether or not serviced offices will take over traditional offices, one thing is clear: the concept of shared workstations has a bright future ahead. The benefits are endless, and the ones we just mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg.

Find your Serviced Office KL that suits you best at Colony!

At Colony, all our spaces are thoughtfully designed for all our users to connect and collaborate. With our wide range of options, we are confident that you will be able to find one that is perfect for your business needs.

Book a tour today by contacting us via our email at or at +60 18-213 8086 to learn more about our Serviced Office KL.


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