Coworking Space KL: 5 Useful Ways to Stay Productive at Work After COVID-19

Coworking Space KL

With the new Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) in place, Colony Coworking Space KL is now back to business!

The CMCO is the news that most Malaysian have been waiting for since the beginning of the MCO. Though some of us are excited to return back to our office and reconnect with a co-worker, your first day heading back to the office might feel strange and unreal as we finally are heading back to the office after ages. 

Coworking Space KL: 5 Useful Ways to Stay Productive at Work After COVID-19

At Colony Coworking Space KL, we understand the struggle of going back to the office, That’s why we’ve put together some tips to help you transition your work routine from home back to the office grind!

Coworking Space KL

Tidy up your Workspace

You left a pristine desk before the MCO but by the time you head back to your work desk, your dusty friends are there to give you a warm and furry welcome. 

At this point, give yourself 10 to 15 minutes to wipe off any dust or dirt on your desk and rearrange those files and papers that you’ve left before the MCO was in place. Don’t forget, to frequently sanitize your desk surface and keyboards as well, but don’t go overboard! Wiping it down twice to three times a day does the trick and keeps the dust and virus at bay. 

Having a clear and organised workspace will help boost your productivity at work and keep you focused on your tasks instead of that messy pile of unorganised papers on your left.

Coworking Space KL

Get Offline

Now that we’re back in the office, it’s time to get serious about cutting out unnecessary distractions, social media. 

It’s good to stay updated every once in a while but its important for us to set boundaries on our screen time, especially during work. Stay away from your social media accounts and applications that are non-work related. Unless your work requires you to interact with these platforms,you follow along with it. 

For those that are not, try scrolling through them during your lunch break to catch up on new updates or information about our current situation. It’s important to stay updated but not too much until it gets in the way of your workflow or task as moderation is key.

Break Even with Your Tasks

With lots of unfinished projects or proposals at hold, your work pile may increase once you’re back in the office. Though you may have the urge to complete multiple tasks at the time to cover up for the loss of time, this may not be the most efficient.

Being able to multitask is a good skill but it should be kept for tasks that require minimal to zero thought process. Multitasking can affect your productivity and get in the way of producing your best work. Hence, what you can do is allocate a time frame for tasks that require more research or thought process such as business decks or writing an article and multitask on things that require little time to complete such as getting on a phone call and proofreading your email. 

The goal here is to focus solely on a task that requires more thought into and multitask on those that require minimal effort.

Coworking Space KL

Make a To-Do list

With flooded email emails, meetings and ad-hoc tasks to do, it’s easy to get distracted when you’re trying to stay productive and remember all the tasks you have for the day. As medieval as it sounds, creating a to-do list can actually benefit your productivity by keeping your tasks in-check. Here’s why:  

After reviewing all your emails and your work calendar, you might be reminded of the tasks or meetings with potential clients that you’ve left off too resume once the MCO is postponed. Jotting down these tasks that need to be followed-up will help you identify which ones are important and how to manage your time on these tasks in order to complete them within the day.

If you aren’t fond of writing a to-do lisere are loads of mobile applications that does it for you such as Evernote, Asana, Dropbox and many more. Personally, writing a to-do list is fun and oddly satisfying when you grab your pen to cross off your completed task!

Keep a positive mindset and be kind to yourself.

It takes time for your work routine to transition back to how it was before the MCO came in place. The important thing to remember here is to be gentle with yourself and take time to get back to your usual routine. Avoid stressing on the things you need to catch up on and take your time to do it efficiently over a period of time.

We are so happy to have you back at Colony Coworking Space KL and hope everyone travels safely to work and practice social distancing. If you’re looking for an office space with that adheres to the social distancing guidelines, our coworking spaces offer flexible and customisable workspace plans based on your business needs. You can enquire more about our offices via email at or call us at +60 18-213 8086.

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