Wedding Venue KL: The Benefits of Hosting at One Venue

Wedding Venue KL @ Colony Star Boulevard

Our Wedding Venue KL at Star Boulevard, KLCC was designed from the very beginning to provide couples with a place where they could host both the wedding ceremony and reception. No matter when you decide to get married, our stylish wedding venue KL is a perfect choice for a wedding ceremony & reception in an urban, elegant, and central location.

Our beautifully designed bridal suites, rooftop garden and the grand ballroom to give a memorable wedding experience for brides, grooms, families and friends.

3 Main Benefits of Hosting your Wedding and Reception at One Wedding Venue KL

Better Value For Money

Wedding venues, on average, take up 30% of your budget, which is a huge item. So if you were to book a different place for your ceremony and reception at various locations, you would have to book for TWO venues, which could potentially take up more of your wedding budget. Alternatively, you could end up compromising the overall quality of your wedding if you were to host it at different venues, which could affect how your big day your play out.

So rather than spending money on two, why not just spend on one quality wedding venue KL? The value you get out of one wedding venue allows you to free up your budget and time planning and focus on areas that are more important to you like creating a guests list and sending out those invite cards.

It also helps reduce the costs of your guests, as they don’t need to spend money travelling to different locations. It’s a win-win for both parties.

Simpler Planning (Timesaver)

Wedding plannings can be very stressful if not done correctly. There are so many items to prepare such as booking the venue (which has to be done months, if not a year in advance), dealing with the venue representatives, getting vendors such as your photographers, caterers, tailors, venue designers, and collaborating with all of these people for just one big day.

That’s for one venue, now imagine having it for two. Unless you’ve hired a wedding planner, planning for two venues can be extremely chaotic.

With one wedding venue, planning will be much more manageable and less stressful as a result. Allow yourself to focus on the big day with one venue. Don’t get bogged down by logistics.

Wedding Venue KL @ Colony Star Boulevard, KLCCEasier for Guests

Let’s be honest, if you were to ask your guests whether they’d choose to either go for one venue or two venues for your ceremony and reception, most of them would want one venue.

It’s much simpler for your guests as they don’t have to travel to multiple locations. It’s also great for guests that are coming from out of town or are coming from overseas, saving them time and money. And with those savings, they have more time to celebrate your big day with you!

Book A Tour At Our Wedding Venue KL

All our premises will be closed in compliance with the Movement Control Order until 28 April 2020.

However, our team is able to provide you with a digital tour of our wedding venue KL at Star Boulevard.

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