Event Space KL: The First Step for a Successful Event

Event Space KL

The very first steps on having a successful event is by asking yourself these key questions:

  1. Who is the main audience for my event?
  2. What is the ideal location for my event to be held?
  3. How big should my event space be?
  4. What kind of atmosphere do I want for my event?

Event Space KL: Who is the main audience for my event?

This is the most essential part of the process. Take into consideration the kind of crowd you want to attract for your event.

For example, is this event tailored for business professionals? Is it for charity? Students? Perhaps NGOs?

The type of audience you’re targeting for will have different impacts on how your event will be organised, especially in terms of budget.

Event Space KL @ Colony KL Eco City

Our event space at KL Eco City.

Event Space KL: What is the ideal location for my event to be held?

Based on the first part, the ideal location should be set in a place that is not too far from your targeted main audience. Take into consideration the facilities, amenities that the event space has on hand.

Ideally, you would want one that’s centrally located and is easily accessible by public transport.

Event Space KL: How big should my event space be?

You don’t want an event space that’s too big for two main reasons. Firstly, it leads to a waste of budget as bigger spaces will naturally cost more. Secondly, if the space is big, and the audience numbers are not able to fill up the hall, there will be an impression that the event wasn’t a success.

Consider your targeted audience and the expected number you want. Then, pick an event space that’s slightly larger than your targeted number.

The goal behind choosing a slightly larger event space is not to overcrowd the event space. While it’s nice having large numbers, you don’t want your audience to be in continuous physical contact with each other.

Event Space KL: What kind of atmosphere do I want for my event?

Every event should have a theme, that’s a given.

That being said, you want an event space that can relate well to the theme you want to project. Or at the very least, the event space should be customizable to fit your needs.

Check Out Our Event Space KL!

In the midst of Covid-19, we are offering virtual tours until the Movement Control Order has been lifted. Check out our webpage or contact us at +6016-4821319 if you’re interested in an event space KL!

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