Event Space KL: Why is the Venue Important for an Event?

event space KL: why is choosing the right venue important?

Are you having trouble deciding between venues for your upcoming event? Can’t figure out which ones to choose from? Most importantly, do you find yourself wondering why venues are so crucial for a successful event?

Choosing an event space KL is like art. No one event is truly the same. Each event has its own uniqueness. Thus, you must pick the right venue for the right event.

For instance, you’re not going to host a training workshop in a stadium. Nor will you have a sports event in a concert venue.

Here are 5 main pillars of an event venue that make any event a success.

Event Space KL: Location

This should be of no surprise, but it does get overlooked from time to time. An event space should be located in an area where most of your audience is located. It’s essential that you, the event organizer, understands who your audience is.

Is your audience consisting of corporate staff? Host it at an event space close to their office. Perhaps it’s a training workshop? Host it in a centralized location where your attendees can easily reach.

You get the idea.

Event Space KL by ColonyEvent Space KL: Size and Capacity

Your event venue should be just the right size, tailored to your event capacity. Not too small and not too big. 

Depending on your expected number of attendants, you definitely will want an event venue that’s slightly bigger than your targeted crowd. 

This is to allow a healthy flow of moving about; a crowded venue will make it challenging to move around and will be uncomfortable for your guests. 

Likewise is true, you don’t want a space that’s too big for your crowd. Doing so is just an unnecessary waste of money.

Event Space KL: Food and Drink

The fastest way to a man’s (or woman’s) heart is through the belly, as the saying goes. 

People feel happiest and satisfied after eating a nice full meal. Choosing the right combination of food and drinks, with the right quality (based on your budgetary needs), can make a so-so event into a wow event. 

Some event spaces have their in-house caterers with exceptional quality, such as the one at our Star Boulevard location, with Define:food. However, should you wish, you may opt for your own food caterer if the in-house ones are not to your liking. 

Event Space KL: Technology

The venue should also be adequately equipped with decent technology for a seamless experience. The essential technologies for most events are a fast Wi-Fi connection, projectors, decent microphone and quality speakers.

If you feel that the venue is lacking in either one of the three categories, you may want to consider another venue.

Event Space KL: Services and Facilities

The venue needs to come with essential facilities such as enough toilets and adequate pathways to allow people to circumvent through crowded hallways. 

But hosting an event is not just about having a great venue; it’s also having great staff. Your guests will have a great time when the event venue has staffing to happily provide you with additional services to assist you throughout your event. 

Here at Colony, we have dedicated community managers to ensure that your event will go as smoothly as possible without interruptions. 

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So there you have it; 5 main pillars behind that make a venue important. 

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