We’ve Been Listed As One Of The Best Coworking Space KL In SEA

What makes coworking space KL so effective compared to conventional offices that it even clinched its popularity amongst millennials? Growing by leaps and bounds in the continent, there is definitely something unique about coworking space KL in South East Asia and we are proud that Colony is able to contribute as a part of it.

Strategically located in five locations across Kuala Lumpur, Colony is Malaysia’s leading coworking space KL that prides on hospitality and ensuring every guest has a first-class experience stepping through our doors.  Not your typical spots, but there are five differences that you need to check out; 

  1. KLCC – Gentlemen’s Club
  2. Eco City  – British Colonial
  3. KL Sentral – Parisian Apartment
  4. Mutiara Damansara – Wes Anderson
  5. Star Boulevard – New York Loft

Colony has been listed as one of the best coworking spaces in South East Asia by Nomad Capitalist. Can you believe this? Special thanks to Nomad Capitalist for the feature. Read more about it here!

Book a tour here if you would like to have your own private viewing of our event space and coworking space KL.

Here is a list of the hottest coworking space KL around the region, not just offering you space but an entirely unique experience:



Coworking Space KL: Colony



Coworking Space: Sandbox



Coworking Space: WORQ



Bali, Indonesia

Coworking Space: Outpost



Coworking Space: Hubud




Coworking Space : Workplace 1 - Factory Phnom Penh

Workplace 1 – Factory Phnom Penh



Coworking Space: Phandeeyar




Coworking Space: The Working Capitol, Singapore

The Working Capitol, Singapore


Coworking Space: The Company

The Company



Coworking Space: Kohub



Coworking Space: Hubba



Coworking Space: Spiced


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