Panasonic Malaysia Unveils Their Most Powerful Cordless Vacuum Cleaner at Colony’s Event Space in KLCC

A group of people posing with the cordless vacuum cleaners, with 3 senior Panasonic Malaysia officials at the back and 2 dancers (male & female) in front.

(From left, back row) Panasonic Malaysia Audio Visual Communication Department and Home Appliances Marketing Department general manager Ng Hong Ping, Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd managing director Cheng Chee Chung and Panasonic Malaysia deputy managing director Hiroyuki Muto together with the performers in front with the new cordless vacuum cleaners by Panasonic at Colony's event space in KLCC

We are extremely grateful to Panasonic Malaysia for choosing us as the event space in KL to showcase the MC-BJ980 model as part of their “Free Your Moves” campaign at our KLCC branch on 29 May 2019.

The MC-BJ980 is Panasonic’s most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner with a suction power of 200W. Yet it remains lightweight at 2.6kg using cellulose fibre resin, Panasonic’s first household appliance using this material.

Its battery life is capable for up to 65 minutes of continuous usage. A full recharge requires approximately 3 hours.

The vacuum cleaner also features advanced dust detection technology, capable of detecting dust at the size of 20μm which is the size of a dust mite. Useful when you want to know whether the places you’re vacuuming are dustfree.

How Panasonic Malaysia Utilized Our Event Space in KL at our KLCC Branch

Our event space was used to showcase the range of options that the vacuum cleaner will come in, demonstrate its capabilities and host a short dance performance. A stage was set up for the speakers and performers with a backdrop tagged “Free Your Moves”.

A man and a woman in the middle of a dance performance in front of Panasonic’s backdrop with the tagline “Free Your Moves” at our event space in KL

A short dance performance for Panasonic’s cordless vacuum cleaner at our event space.

A man demonstrating a cordless vacuum cleaner to a group of people.

A Panasonic employee performing a demonstration of the cordless vacuum cleaner at our event space.

a woman standing with a bright red Panasonic cordless vacuum cleaner used as a support in front of a backdrop on the left. Another woman with a white Panasonic cordless vacuum cleaner is sitting on a flight of wooden stairs.

A woman posing with the red coloured vacuum cleaners at our event space in KL.

Comedian Dr Jason Leong was also present to liven up the event at our event space.

A person holding up a vacuum cleaner with two people posing beside him.

Dr Jason Leong proudly raising the vacuum cleaner at Colony’s KLCC event space with the performers.

Thank you Panasonic Malaysia for using our very unique and stylish event space in KLCC. If you would like an event space in KL to rent for hosting your corporate event like Panasonic, please feel free to check out our webpage or please contact +6018 213 8086!

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