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There are many advantages of having neurodiverse individuals at private office KL. While they might lack social skills, their abilities arise above others in other fields that are needed in businesses right now, such as analysis and pattern recognition. These individuals are those with developmental disabilities, for example autism, ADHD and social anxiety disorders. Here are ways to build a neurodiverse workforce.

PRIVATE OFFICE KL #1 –  Engage With The Local Community

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Community groups is an effective way for employers to find and attract neurodiverse talent. For example, these groups can be in the form of government agencies, vocational rehab centres, educational institutions, or offices for disabilities. These are beneficial when it comes to recruitment, because these groups can provide the right advice and resources for training.

PRIVATE OFFICE KL #2 –  Adjust Your Hiring Practices

Hiring managers may need to rethink what they see as a “good candidate”, such as the superficial norms like a strong handshake or good eye contact, as some of these things are difficult for neurodiverse individuals to perform. You also have to rethink the questions you ask, and adapt them to the individuals skills and capabilities. Also realizing that resumes may not be enough for them, and their skills are often self thought or transferable.


Building a neurodiverse candidate pool takes time. For example, some commpanies recruitment process focuses more on hiring people as team members rather than as individuals. These are done virtually at the start, through skype or zoom calls, where there will be virtual exercises and assessments. Further into the process, will be more skill based and development focused. Once selected, all onboarding would usually be done by managers who have taken training in disorders.

PRIVATE OFFICE KL #4- Be Ready And Willing To Accommodate

Always take into consideration that those that have autism, or any form of disability may be extra sensitive to things such as temperature, sound, and lighting. Meaning, you may need to adapt to their needs such as noise-canceling headphones, quiet and private areas, or even flexible schedules so that they can be the most productive.


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