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While many are adopting flexible working hours and working from home, it is absurd to assume that working from coworking space kl and offices are now irrelevant. With our personal and work lives blended together, it is easy to feel constantly overwhelmed with the demands for your work and also of your family. Typically, we’d put in longer work hours, rather than take a step back and access the situation to find a better way of coping with the workload. 

The feeling of being overwhelmed can affect your ability to think and act rationally. It can also impede efficiency when performing daily tasks as people tend to be more forgetful, confused and distracted when feeling overwhelmed. On top of that, cognitive overload can also cause cognitive fatigue, which will stop your creative juice flowing and shorten your attention span. These effects can cause our work productivity to decrease. Below are some strategies to try if you’re constantly feeling overwhelmed at work. 

Coworking Space KL Tip #1: Zoom into Your Tasks 

Coworking Space KL Tip #1: Identify the cause

Feeling overwhelmed at work is paralyzing. Next time, try asking yourself – “what is something that would make me feel a lot less stressed if it’s taken off my plate?” By asking yourself this, you can identify the major stressor that is stressing you out. After pinpointing the cause of it, you can think and prioritize tasks better. If it is something you can finish immediately, go ahead and get it done. If it’s the sheer thought of an upcoming hallmark project, break it down into more manageable parts to motivate yourself to get started. Remember, “better done than perfect,” so get yourself settled and work it in small parts. If you can, reach out for help to take tasks off your plate.

Coworking Space KL Tip #2: Limit time spent on tasks

Coworking Space KL Tip #2: Set boundaries on your time and workload

Fight the urge to jump back into tasks and take a short break to walk around instead. Try “time boxing”, a simple method that can help manage time and be more productive. The idea behind “time boxing” is to set a specific amount of time for an activity in advance and then complete the activity within that allocated time frame. One example is to plan a project and pre-decide how long you want to work on each topic. Other than that, try setting a specific time to leave the office and limit the hours spent working so you don’t over-invest yourself at work. For example, if a work email comes in after 5 pm, deal with it the next morning at work. By determining how much time you’ll be spending upfront, you can be more mindful of your time at work.

Coworking Space KL Tip #3: Know when to hit the pause button

Coworking Space KL Tip #3: Challenge your perfectionism

Perfectionism is a personality that is characterized by a person’s constant drive for flawlessness and perfection. It is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it motivates you to deliver top-quality work. On the other hand, it can cause unnecessary work anxiety and affect your work productivity. What’s perfect and what’s possible are two very different things. Perfectionism can have a negative impact at work on productivity as when it becomes unhealthy, problems such as procrastination and distress might arise as the stress starts to swamp up. Try considering if it’s worth the stress by asking yourself – “What would I gain if I spend more time on this? Is the extra time spent worth the extra outcome?” By determining the additional benefits, you can decide if it’s worth the extra time, if it’s not, your task is as good as it can get. Being aware that it is nearly impossible to perfect things can help reduce feeling of being overwhelmed by work and improve your overall work productivity.

Coworking Space KL Tip #4: Get your priorities right 

Coworking Space KL Tip #4: Know your priorities

Multi-tasking is one of the primary drivers of feeling overwhelmed with work, causing issues such as distress and an undesired level of productivity. If you find yourself often juggling between projects, giving up one to start another, try prioritizing tasks at work to be more productive. Start making a priority list by using your goals as a guide to your daily priorities to increase productivity but without the distress and distraction. Pinpoint three to five work priorities based on importance, and by doing so, you can manage your workload and enhance your focus on tasks that make the biggest impact. Remember to keep it simple and straight to the point, as there’s nothing more intimidating than a mile-long to-do list.

Your well-being is our top priority at Coworking Space KL

Your well-being is our top priority at Coworking Space KL

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