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During the onset of the pandemic, coworkers from traditional offices and serviced office KL from all across the globe were challenged to move all in-person meetings and events online. Everyone was forced to have virtual meetings and events to curb the spread of COVID-19. While the amount of time spent in meetings might be the same as one would in-person, many find themselves less productive at work and less satisfied with the social interactions between colleagues due to the lack of meaningful conversation.

And here’s why. As much as our technology allows seamless communication, it doesn’t emulate how we interact in person. Body language is a silent orchestra of our thought process and how we’re feeling as it constantly provides non-verbal cues. Here are some tips we’ve gathered to improve non-verbal communication, helping to build trust and increase engagement in virtual meetings. 

Serviced Office KL: Tip #1 Maintain Strong Eye Contact 

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Consistent and engaging eye contact is an essential component of in-person communication. Unfortunately, it is rather easy to slip away while communicating virtually, and it is almost impossible to maintain direct eye contact. It is indeed crucial to demonstrate artificial eye contact in any virtual events and meetings to signal engagement. To come off as more credible and professional, look directly into the webcam! By doing so you can create an illusion of direct eye contact. Be sure to resist the urge to look away as it is much easier to detect eye motion on the screen. 

Serviced Office KL: Tip #2 Flash Your Smile, all the time

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As we all should have experienced by now, it is a lot harder to indicate your presence and attentiveness to the speaker via a virtual meeting. Just as you would in-person, make sure to smile and nod along, a lot more than you would in-person while others are talking on the screen to show that you’re listening and engaged in the meeting. So, for your next virtual meeting, be sure to grin and nod along to signal mindfulness of what’s happening in the virtual event.

Serviced Office KL: Tip #3 Body language matters

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Things such as body gestures, movements, facial expressions, one and volume of speech all fall into the “non-verbal” communication category, and are collectively known as body language. Typically, crossing your arms is a signal that shows that they’re disinterested and disengaged. For those of you who tend to cross your arms during virtual meetings, make sure to not do it again unless you’re looking for a surefire way to look uninterested in your next meeting!

Another way of building trust and understanding with one another from afar is to mirror their body language! It is an instinctive tool to bond with one another that you can make good use of during your next meeting. They simply mirror their body gestures, talking pace, and volume of speech. Feel free to read more on mirroring here

Serviced Office KL: Tip #4 Dress to impress

Serviced Office KL: Tip #4 Dress to impress

When choosing your outfit for your next virtual meeting, think about what vibe you want to give off. Solid colours in a classic style will be the way to go if you want to be perceived as confident and professional. The saying that goes “it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it” is just as accurate in the world of virtual meetings and events. Go above and beyond to create a bond and build trust from a distance with your colleagues. 

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