Event Space KL: 10 Killer Tips for Organising a Successful Event

Event Space KL

Planning an Event Space KL can be an immensely stressful process and if you’re not a professional events producer, you may be shocked at the amount of work that can go into an event. Plenty of blood, sweat, and tears goes into planning, coordinating, and executing an event, and it can often leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Whatever the occasion, industry, or size, our top 10 killer tips for organising a successful event will help you to master the fine art of planning a memorable and effective event.

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1. Event Space KL: Safety First

As we’re nearing a post-COVID-19 world, hosting meetings, events, conferences or workshops will require significant adjusting. Until a vaccine is deployed, we, as a society must be responsible for carrying out safe practices to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

For event planners and event space hosts, this means:

–        Temperature checks on guests before entering the event space

–        Mandatory requirement to wear a surgical or N95 mask

–        Frequent sanitisation of the event space and most importantly,

–        Practicing social distancing.

2.Event Space KL:Start Early

Once you’ve conceptualised your event, it’s important to start planning as soon as you possibly can. If your event is largescale you should realistically begin planning it four to six months in advance, while smaller events need at least a month to plan. To keep the final run-up to the event flowing smoothly, ensure that all vendor contracts locked-in a few weeks before the event.

3. Event Space KL: Choose your vendors wisely

Planning a birthday? You’ll definitely not have enough time to prepare the food, bake the cake, or even blow up the balloons. That said, it’s important to engage reliable vendors for your event – do your due diligence and read up on their reviews before engaging them or get some trusted recommendations from your friends.

Lucky for you, if you’re looking to host your event at Colony, event spaces such as our Star Boulevard location has in-house catering from Define:Food and can provide you several menu choices to cater to your different event’s needs.

4. Event Space KL: Stick to your budget

Events are always budget-conscious, especially if you’re putting on the event on behalf of another business or brand. With a budget planned beforehand, it will ensure that you effectively prioritise your spending and not blow the budget.

event space kl

5. Event Space KL: Delegate! Delegate! Delegate!

While we’re always in awe with one-man shows, it’s important to get the help you need. Assign responsibilities and break up various parts of your event into sections – think of elements such as registration, catering, and even transport – and assign a section to each member of your team. As they are solely responsible for their respective sections, this will help them be more focused and clued in on minute changes.

6. Event Space KL: Create a shared document

With delegations out of the way, a central manual or document should be created to keep everyone on the same page. This can include details that have everything to do with the event – from attendee information to floor plans and even the timings/flow of the event.

Utilise tools such as Google Docs for real-time collaborations so anyone with access can refer back to it if they are unsure, or if they’ve spotted something out of place.

7. Event Space KL: Stay flexible

Similar to Murphy’s Law, “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” Over the course of planning for the event, things will definitely not go as planned. Whether it’s the event’s timings, locations, or even the type of event you’re hosting, you need to ensure that you’re flexible and can meet the changing demands.

Otherwise, create a backup plan for each of the most important assets your event has. For example, if you’re looking to host a wedding outdoors, your Plan B should always be an indoor venue in case it rains.

If you’re looking for a venue that has both an indoors and outdoors venue, look no further with Colony Star Boulevard KLCC. With different venue offerings, it has a rooftop garden, overlooking the Petronas Twin Towers and an indoor ballroom as well.

8. Event Space KL: Do a run-through

Before the event, do a run-through of the entire event process with your team. It’s important to mentally walk through everything, from the initial set up to the event flow. Complications are often brought up during these meetings and you’ll have enough time to correct them.

9. Event Space KL: Increase your social presence

Keen to up your social media ante? An event is the best way to do it – create a custom hashtag for your event to use across social media. This will encourage your followers to tweet about it. Alternatively, if you have a photo booth at your event, you can brand the hashtag on the printouts as well. After all, everyone’s all about the ‘gram these days.


10. Event Space KL: Enjoy yourself!

This has got to be the most important thing in any event. Think of all the time and effort put into pulling it off. You deserve to let go and just enjoy the day!


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