Coworking Space KL: Which Industry Leaders Should You Be Following on Instagram?

Being in a coworking space KL can help you get connected with other entrepreneurs and promote collaboration and exchanging ideas! But if you’re not, don’t worry! We’ve compiled a list of Malaysian industry leaders you should be following on your Instagram right now! 

Venturing into a new business can be very tricky and daunting. Getting tips and ideas from industry leaders who have been there and done it can be really helpful, it can help give us insights into what we should look out for, what to expect in running a business, and inspire you to create something new and make it a selling point of your new business. 

Bryan Loo (@bryan_loob)

The man behind your bubble tea cravings and also CEO of Loob Holding, Bryan Loo is the mastermind behind the previous master franchise owner for Chatime Malaysia which is now known as Tealive.

From his grit and determination, Loo is very much a success today and continues to embark on an ambitious plan to expand his F&B portfolio with the introduction of some new brands that he often reveals on his Instagram stories. You can find that his content is nothing short but inspiring and heartwarming with a hint of adorable family pictures. 

Coworking Space KL: Vivy Yusof

Vivy Yusof (@vivyyusof)

If you really want to know about the down-low of an e-commerce business, Vivy Yusof’s Instagram account portrays it exceptionally well. Certainly, FashionValet (FV) does not need an introduction when it comes to local fashion because it is now one of South East Asia’s leading e-commerce fashion sites.

With offices in Malaysia, Jakarta and Singapore, Vivy gives a sneak peek of her clothing design from scarves, shoes, make-up and more in a vibrant purple theme that will inspire your next outfit! 

Datuk Seri Hasmiza Othman (@datoserivida)

Dr Vida may be known for her flamboyant and bubbly personality but for many young entrepreneurs, her ability to succeed is truly an inspiration. She is the founder of Vida Beauty, a health and beauty business that has now become an empire, thanks to the popularity of its well-known product, Qu Puteh. 

Her Instagram feed is a one-stop profile that provides all the tips you need from beauty, healthy, self-confidence and more. Followers of her page are always enlightened by her contents that never fails to make them smile and feel great. She has certainly proven to be an icon, not just as an entrepreneur but also as a sponsor for some of the country’s top-rated TV shows.

Dato’ Sri Aliff Syukri (@aliffsyukriterlajaklaris)

Cosmetics millionaire Aliff Syukri became a father at a tender age which prompted him to find alternative ways of earning extra to support his family.

He is the founder of the popular health and cosmetic business, D’Herbs Healthy Sdn Bhd. It was tough to start a business particularly because he had zero knowledge of how to run a company, but it has become such a huge success. Dato’ Aliff Syukri uses his Instagram platform to introduce new products that’ll not only make you feel good but look good as well. 

Timothy Tiah (@timtiah)

As the CEO of Malaysia’s luxury coworking and event spaces – Colony Coworking Space KL, Timothy Tiah remains on the pulse of redefining the work experience through luxurious offices. Prior to Colony, he ran a digital media business named Netccentric in 2007 with the launch of a blog advertising company, Nuffnang. Upon leaving the management team at Netccentric in 2016, Tiah focused his efforts on building the first Colony location at Jalan Kia Peng near KLCC by raising US$1.96 million (RM8 million).

Having owned several businesses up his sleeves, Timothy uses his Instagram account to expound various industry insights, the importance of your employees in a company and never fails to celebrate and value the efforts carried out by his team.  

These industry leaders are sharing their life and business hacks through Instagram. 

It’s really important to look into data and research about the industry you’re planning to venture on to avoid major fallbacks and crises. That’s why following or studying and industry leaders insights can be the right stepping stone for you to own your newly acquired venture. We at Colony Coworking Space KL hope that you find these leaders inspirational to carry out your next new business move. 

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