Choosing The Right Wedding Venue KL for Your Wedding

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When you’re getting married, finding the perfect wedding venue KL to host your big day is probably the most important box to tick on your wedding planning to-do list. It may seem scary with the trove of choices available to you. But a wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and you want to get it right.

Why Choosing the Right Wedding Venue KL is Essential

Setting the Right Wedding Venue KL Atmosphere

Depending on what theme you would like, the venue will play a central role in creating the atmosphere for your wedding. It’s highly recommended for you lovebirds to decide on a theme that you want for your wedding, and select the right wedding venue based on that theme.

Wedding Venue KL: Rooftop Garden

Make your wedding memorable with the right wedding atmosphere.

It’s not uncommon for couples to style up the wedding venue to around the theme that they want. With Colony, we have partnered up with a few award-winning vendors that can assist you in creating the wedding theme of your dreams. Our wedding venue KL is also highly customizable and equipped with brand new modern facilities to facilitate your every need.

Your Personal Touch at Your Wedding Venue KL

Weddings are meant to be personal. Every person that walks this earth has their set of traits and personalities that make them unique. Your wedding should highlight your characters, adding your badge onto it. With Colony, our wedding venue allows you to add your personal touches and decorate it to your desires.

Alternatively, if you would like not to get stressed out and make it easy for yourself, our partners can assist you to help plan the process flow for your marriage.

Distinguish your wedding from others by adding a personal touch.

Preparing the Entertainment and Food

One of the best parts about a wedding (when going as a guest) is the delicious food that’s provided and enjoying the various entertainments offered by the host. As an organiser, we want to show the appreciation that we have for our colleagues, friends, and families who are taking their time off to attend our big day. The best way to do it is by filling their bellies to the brim with wholesome, delicious food.

Not your ordinary food caterer.

Our in-house food caterer Define:food provides one of the best food catering services in KL. Their team is highly trained and well experienced, ever ready to make sure your guests leave with smiles on their faces and rounds on their bellies.

Guess it can’t hurt to have one more after having five to six.

We are also partnered with Patisserie Rui, one of the most excellent bakeries in Malaysia. They can create the perfect wedding cake of your desires, or perhaps make some puff pastries and cookies that you can provide as a gesture of appreciation to your honoured guests.

Controlling Your Budget

Your wedding venue KL will contribute to being one of the most significant expense items, if not the biggest. Naturally, you’ll want to ensure that the wedding venue fits into your budget. This will ensure that your overall wedding does not exceed your planned budget and bring you down with financial problems.

With Colony, we offer you flexible pricing options to meet your requirements, even budgetary.

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