Here’s a Checklist for your Upcoming Wedding

Planning for a wedding is no easy feat, as numerous steps need to be taken such as booking your wedding venue KL, picking your wedding style, inviting your guests, and so on. You will have to start crossing these steps off your checklist at least 12 months in advance.

Wedding Venue KL – First Things First, Pop the Question!

So, you’ve decided to finally kneel, take out that beautiful, inestimable sparkling ring and propose to the love of your life, and got “yes” as an answer. Congratulations! You’re officially engaged!

This is merely the first out of maybe a gajillion steps that you’ll have to take before getting to that one extraordinary day.

Here’s a checklist from yours genuinely, Colony!

As with any list, this is merely a guideline, not a rulebook. Adjust the checklist to your preferences.

After all, it is your wedding.

Wedding Venue KL – 12 Months +

  • Set your wedding date. Have at most three different times to allow yourself some flexibility.
  • Set your budget. How much are you willing to pay for the entire wedding?
  • What style do you want your wedding to be?
  • Start exploring your ceremony and wedding venue KL options
  • Draft out your guests’ list. Whom do you want to invite?
  • Start creating a list of the following:
    • designers (for your posters and wedding style)
    • planners (if you need one)
    • photographers
    • caterers
    • entertainments (if any such as musicians, dancers)
  • Plan your wedding party.

If you are not entirely sure which vendors to approach for your designers or planners, you may refer to our list of partners at this article.

Colony Wedding Venue KL

Wedding Venue KL – 8 – 11 months

  • Start reserving your ceremony and wedding venue KL
  • Book your officiant
  • Hire your planned vendors, e.g. photographers, caterers, designers, planners and musicians
  • If you want to look great, start establishing a healthy routine to get fit and look good.
  • Start looking at wedding gowns and suits
  • Refine your guests’ list
  • Look at designs for your wedding invitations cards, thank you cards and stationaries

Wedding Venue KL – 6 – 7 months

  • Discuss and plan with your officiant
  • Begin reserving your decorations and furniture
  • Decide on cake style
  • Hire and book your entertainers
  • Begin sampling your wedding cards

Wedding Venue KL – 4 – 5 months

  • Finalise your guests’ list
  • Reserve your wedding cake
  • Begin entertainment rehearsals

Wedding Venue KL – 2 – 3 months

  • Start writing your vows
  • Plan and finalise ceremony seatings
  • Review your ceremony with the officiant
  • Prepare your wedding day timeline for your guests and vendors
  • Order gifts for those attending the wedding
  • Send out your wedding invitations

Wedding Venue KL – 1 month

  • Confirm with your vendors on the details, e.g. dates, times and location
  • Prepare your wedding rings
  • Go for dress fittings

Wedding Venue KL – 1 – 2 weeks

  • Finalise RSVPs from guests
  • Let your caterer know the final headcount
  • Prepare payments to your vendors

Wedding Venue KL – One day before

  • Rehearse your wedding and lunch/dinner
  • Sleep early! It’ll be a big day tomorrow

The Big Day

Colony Wedding Venue KL

Absorb in every moment; this is the day of your life!

  • Enjoy and have a good time!
  • Give out your Thank You cards to your guests!

Wedding Venue KL – The day after

  • Ensure that all rented items have been returned
  • Ensure that all vendors have received their payments

For more information on the wedding venue or reserve for your fully-customizable wedding venue KL, feel free to contact us for more details or visit here