Here’s an insight of working in Malaysia’s Luxury Coworking Space, Colony – True Story

Here’s an insight of working in Malaysia’s Luxury Coworking Space, Colony – True Story

Meet Nurul from Colony Coworking Space

Nurul is a Secretarial Science Diploma fresh graduate. She interned in Colony for six months and was offered a full-time job when her internship ended. She was invited to an interview with Co-Founder and General Manager of Colony Coworking Space, Timothy Tiah and Nitaya Pirinyuang. The interview goes:

Timothy & Nitaya: “What is your expected salary?”

Nurul: “RM1500.”

After the interview, Nurul was offered double the amount of her expected salary. Dumbfounded and surprised, she was out of words. 

Her initial plan was to work in the F&B sector at a fast-food chain after completing her internship in Colony. She did not expect to be offered such an offer as she does not have any hospitality background. Given such an opportunity, she was beyond grateful.

The story behind the Implementation of Salary 

Back in 2018, Tim came across a problem; his colleague would sometimes skip lunch as a salary of RM2500 a month wasn’t enough for living in Kuala Lumpur. He then reversed calculated it and realised that indeed there is a struggle of living comfortably with this salary. Hence, it inspired him to implement a monthly salary with a minimum of RM3000 in Colony Coworking Space.

Colony Coworking Space @ Star Boulevard KLCC

Colony Coworking Space @ Star Boulevard KLCC

Colony’s 5 Values

Nurul feels a sense of belonging working in Colony, and she believes that the working experience in Colony helps to bring out the best in her. Nurul mentioned Extreme Ownership, one of the values that are practised by Colony. It helped her learn how to take control of her responsibilities and be more confident in making decisions. Colony also practices integrity, gratitude, empathy, tenacity and extreme ownership.

Working in Colony Coworking Space

Nurul added that she enjoyed her time interning in Colony Coworking Space as a Community Associate, she strives to make a difference in providing the best for our guests. Ensuring that all our guests have a first-class experience every time they walk through our doors, feeling welcomed like their own home.  


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