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Due to the impact of the pandemic, companies are starting to adapt to virtual office KL as teams are being deployed and trained remotely to help curb the spread of the virus. Despite its perks,  working remotely can take a toll on how effectively we communicate with our staff and coworkers and plays a vital role when it comes to managing a remote team. Here are some of the methods that we can practice in a remote team:


Virtual Office KLWhen it comes to remote work, there are many types of communication tools and channels that are available for us to use to communicate between remote team members. To make things even easier, one of the effective ways is to dedicate each different channel for a specific purpose to avoid miscommunication and complications happen. For example, we may use Skype, Slack and Gmail to have daily communication with each other. However, we can organize these communication channels into Skype for group meetings, Slack for job tasks enquiries, and Gmail for project updates. These can be adapted based on the business and it can be a great advantage for the remote team to be more productive if we apply certain channels for certain purposes.


While we were used to the old ways of work in an office before the pandemic and even though now some ways are still relevant to our remote work, we can actually implement new and effective ways for us to share files, collaborate on projects and setting tasks for the remote team to increase work productivity and communication effectiveness. There are various online tools out there to make remote communication go smoothly such as the Basecamp is an excellent online tool for managing the team’s projects and tasks while Instagantt is a powerful project management software that assists us to visually plan, control and schedule our projects.


The lack of social interaction is perhaps one of the biggest issues faced by remote workers due to the pandemic when we can’t meet up for gatherings. It can create disengagement, decrease productivity or performance, and even higher employee turnover rates. One of the ways to break the loneliness is to build personal and social bonds between team members by communicating with each other more, discuss the issues and find solutions before they become a bigger issue. Like there are team-building activities for people working in an office, virtual team-building activities can be done for the remote team to build stronger bonds and create opportunities for them to reconnect, chat, and meet through technology. 



One of the communication issues within the remote team is the inability to have in-person conversations. We were unable to see the body language or the facial expressions of the person we are communicating with and might cause miscommunication, which isn’t always ideal in a work setting. That’s why prioritizing video calling is a better way to communicate with the team members to keep aligned on strategy, especially when we discuss the methods in meeting the targets, improving the performance, and getting a certain project done while we can see ourselves and each other when holding a team meeting and discussion to stay accountable and be productive.

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