Why is co-working the future of workplace ?


What is Coworking? Coworking is a business service provided to individuals or companies who are working solitarily or jointly in a shared office space. Businesses and companies uses this space to provide their employees with services, facilities and more importantly the space.

In Colony, we warmly welcome our guests by providing 5 Star first-in-class hospitality and services. The meeting rooms are equipped with televisions, writing boards, chromecast, projectors and packed with comfortable ergonomic chairs and tables. There’s also an elegantly designed event space, private offices and reserved hot desk areas for the guests to work at. All this topped with blistering wifi speed thoughtfully equipped to enhance your working experience.

A coworking space allows companies to work without worrying about the hefty investments office furniture or renovations. Unlike cafes, coworking spaces are open 24/7 so guests can willingly get their job done whenever they like without complying with the operating hours.

Working in a coworking space can also joyful as it can bring a healthy and happy working lifestyle. Surely, everyone wants to be part of a friendly community. A cheerful workplace leads to an improved employee’s performance and productivity.

Tenants would need to pay a monthly fee in exchange for the freedom to work. They are also given the top of the class and luxury environment to make them feel at home allowing the guests to work in a more comfortable and enjoyable workplace.

Flexibility, independence and adaptability are the foundational characteristics a human needs as it links with a healthy and positive workplace too. By meeting these criteria, workers get to improve their performance, creating a higher rate of employee retention and engagement.

Moreover, a coworking space also offers a sense of community where employees are free to mingle with people around them allowing them to bond with one another making them feel as they are part of the community while still doing the job they love!