Large companies are shifting to Coworking Spaces

A trend has been growing these last few years, large corporations are seen to move to coworking spaces!

Coworking offers many opportunities either for starts up or large enterprises. For large companies, they find value in improving productivity and easy access to upcoming innovators. Companies want to surround themselves with something new and challenging. Having teams working alongside startups and scale-up businesses give them access to a huge amount of energy and ideas.

Coworking is a unifying community and big companies have understood it well. They benefit from not only a dynamic and creative environment but also accessing a wide network of connections. The appeal for blue-chip employees is clear: the vibe is cool, working alongside energetic companies and techies.

Shared workspace facilitate the logistics, it keeps costs under control and as the office scale, space can be added on demand. On top of that, a chic environment will be provided with amenities such as 24/7 access, private office, event space, meeting room, security, cafes - all of these services in a dynamic part of the city. Based on Colony’s experience, the perfect example to illustrate would be Carsome and Mamee, both successful companies will move their Headquarters to Colony @ Mutiara Damansara in July 2019. They assured wanting the best working experience for their team. The CEO of Mamee intend not only to have an elevated working experience but also a good environment for their team in their pursuit of talent.
Our goal is to give established companies such as Carsome and Mamee peace of mind when it comes to their workplace, this way they can focus on what matters most in their business.
Many agree that coworking is marking its time and things are just beginning in Malaysia and around the world!