Introducing Colony Eco City

Introducing Colony Eco City

April 2, 2018Colony Update

The revolutionizing of the concept of office spaces began with Colony KLCC. Equipped with a rooftop gym and pool, massage rooms, and nap rooms, to name a few, it has received rave reviews from the public. To continue its vision of creating offices spaces where living and working can go hand in hand, Colony has decided to expand and foray into new territories.



Widely considered to be in the heart of the new golden triangleKL Eco City will be the location of the new Colony Co-working and Serviced Office Space.



Colony Eco City will feature wide connectivity in all aspects. An integrated rail system comprising Abdullah Hukum LRT and KL Eco City KTM, new link bridges and ramps accessing Federal Highway and New Pantai Expressway as well as a two-tier internal road system, enables seamless connectivity to major hubs such as Bangsar, Midvalley City, and Damansara. There will also be pedestrian access by link bridges to The Gardens and Mid Valley City.


Ease of connectivity by public transport, car, and foot will be the main features of Colony Eco City. Located in the heart of prime land, It is set to be the next hub of businesses. With such a great location, guests at Colony Eco City will be sure to enjoy a vast ease of access.

Artists Impression of the completed KL Eco City
Artists Impression of the completed KL Eco City



Colony KLCC will feature panoramic views of KL city with its large windows that circle all around the space. Spanning 20,000 square feet over 5 levels, with one entire floor as a dedicated events space, Colony Eco City will be able to accommodate up to 300 guests, and is estimated to cost RM4.6 million. 



The large windows that surround the entire space



Adhering to its principle of comfort and luxury, Colony Eco City aims to strike a balance between old and new with its theme, Colonial. With a blend of European and Asian elements, Colony features iconic monochrome designs and chic interiors with pink accents.


With large open spaces, and wide interiors, the reception area beckons patrons to lean back and relax. Phone booths for private phone conversations and video calls are located right next to the reception counter for ease of access by all guests.

Reception Area
Reception Area


In line with its key principle of bringing hospitality to the office, the couches in the reception area also beckons guests to sit back and relax. Corporate offices are usually stuffy, white, and bare, However Colony aims to change all of that. Featuring big leafy tropical plants and chic Oriental and British furnishings, it offers a fresh touch, and a refreshing breath of fresh air.

The view from the reception counter


The large co-working area offers ample space for guests’ creative juices to flow. The stylish interior also brings inspiration to its guests. Located at the back of the co-working space is the meeting room, where meetings and discussions can be carried out in a conducive environment.

The co-working area


As usual, Colony Eco City offers private offices of various sizes and specifications for guests who would love to experience the Colony hospitality, but would still want the privacy of working behind closed doors. 

Private offices



Colony would love its guests to be able to blend living and working together, in order to help its guests to be able to achieve a seamless work life balance. Therefore, it has incorporated its signature nap rooms, massage rooms, lounges, kids play area, as well as a cafe space in Colony Eco City. 


In order to accommodate more guests, the kids play area and the cafe area has been expanded. With delicious menus that are set to light up your day, the cafe offers ease of access for all guests of Colony Eco City as they will not need to leave the space to be able to grab a bite.

The cafe at Colony Eco City


The kids play area offers space for your little one to roam and play while you sort out some tasks at work. Perfect for when life gets in the way for the working parent. However, some parental supervision is still required.


Kid’s play area in Colony Eco City



Colony aims to change the work experience for you and your team. Studies show that a conducive work environment is the key to having happier and more motivated employees. With hospitality being one of the key principles that Colony holds fast to, guests at Colony can expect to be working at the “St. Regis of Offices”.


Co-working has been proven to have been linked to increased productivity, increased happiness and greater efficiency. Colony wants to give you the best work environment, so you can spend less time worrying, and more time on the things that matter. 


Find out more about our vision of changing the landscape of offices, and Colony Eco City by contacting us through the link , by whatsapping us at +6018-2138086, through the live chat function, or by emailing


We look forward to serving you.



By Yao Victoria for Colony