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Meeting Room KL

As boring as it sounds, meetings (Meeting Room KL) are essential as they provide an avenue to share ideas and discuss relevant issues and company challenges. That’s why setting up the perfect meeting room environment can make a huge difference to your business, as the right amenities can stimulate productivity and give it more purpose.

Here are 4 key elements to improve the conference room experience and boost the energy and efficiency of your meetings. 

Meeting Room KL – Rooms with a Cause

Da Gama Meeting Room @ Colony Star Boulevard

The primary rule of effective meeting room configuration is that one room doesn’t fit all. Old-fashioned workplaces used to allocate the same adaptation of a room in different sizes and consider it done. Any sort of meeting necessitates a different type of room, from joint brainstorming sessions with a small team to large planning meetings with external partners and from one-on-one conference calls to video conferencing sessions. Each space has a specific function and should be allocated accordingly.

Meeting Room KL – Cover the Essentials 

Kahlo Meeting Room @ Colony Mutiara Damansara

Another feature of modern office conference rooms is their attention to detail. Today’s workplace is brimming with creative-inducing features, from lush plants to cozy wooden data. It’s more than just aesthetics when it comes to meeting room design. Employees’ productivity can be boosted by a comfortable room layout. During lengthy conference discussions, standing tables, kneeling chairs, and balancing balls will help people stay alert, awake, and engaged.

Meeting Room KL – Lighting is Key 

Columbus Meeting Room @ Colony KLCC

The two most prevalent lighting problems in meeting rooms are that the lights are either too dark or too bright. Employee satisfaction and efficiency are boosted by good lighting. It allows them to get a clearer perspective on their job, affecting their moods and, as a result, their behavior. Natural lighting is preferable wherever possible.

Meeting Room KL – Put a Name on It! 

Battuta Meeting Room @ Colony Eco City

Companies who name their meetings and conference rooms based on themes do so to express their values and corporate philosophy to their staff, consumers, clients, and anyone else who walks in the door. At Colony, our meeting rooms are named after the greatest explorers of all time and globally known pioneers and adorn the space with elements fitting with the name of our meeting rooms. 

Creativity feeds on itself. That is why it is important to cultivate an atmosphere that encourages creativity and originality. This isn’t merely a belief held by scholars. With innovative meeting room titles, some of the biggest names in the industry have expanded the seeds of creativity in their workplaces.

Meeting Room KL – Make Your Meetings Interesting! 

Looking for a perfect, fully equipped meeting room for a conference you can’t miss?  Our meeting rooms kl are available at five locations across Kuala Lumpur, each uniquely designed with different themes suited for any occasion from conferences, workshops, and private launches. 


  • Unlimited high-speed WIFI
  • Wireless projection to an LED Smart TV
  • Whiteboards and Stationaries
  • Logitech Zoom video conferencing system readily available
  • Printing and scanning credits

If you’d like to have a meeting at an unconventional meeting room in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or visit our website to learn more!


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