Serviced Office KL: Signs that you’re Ready for a Serviced Office

Serviced Office KL

If you’re running a business, you may have considered renting office space or a serviced office kl as a professional base for your company. It allows you to have a dedicated location to work from, promoting a better work-life balance as well as providing you with a central location and a professional outlook for your business.

However, renting a traditional office space is often associated with long-term leases and can be costly as you are required to pay for additional expenses such as utility bills, renovation, and more!

Bearing all of these costs at hand, a tactical move that companies, especially startups can do to save a fraction of their cost is shifting their HQ to a serviced office rather than a traditional office. If you’re not too familiar with whether your business is ready for a serviced office or not, we’ve written down some pointers that will get you thinking that a serviced office is the perfect start to your business:


Although a traditional office space rental may be what your company needs, especially if you are planning on expanding your team, but they generally require a long-term financial commitment.

However, coworking frees your startup from not only long-term leases but also to be nimble as your business evolves and grows by allowing you to upgrade or downgrade your office packages with them. So if you are looking to host a leaner team, a dedicated work desk is what your business can start off and slowly grow into an office space as you start recruiting new employees.

The great thing about coworking is the flexibility it empowers you to scale your business as and when you need to. At Colony, we have various office sizes and team suites that are perfect for a growing team of up to 2 to 30 people that is flexible and fully-customizable  to every working whim. 


Serviced Office KL

How often do you hear yourself saying that you don’t have the time to exercise or carve out time to even socialise or mingle with friends?

Including employee perks, such as gym memberships, or scheduling a day in a month to do something out of our job role to learn something new with your colleagues is what most employees are looking towards before committing a role to a company. Research reveals that coworkers feel they have more control over their work, that their work is more meaningful, and they value the element of achieving a work-life balance during work.

Luckily for business, they don’t need to allocate time to come up with this kind of activities as most coworking space comes equipped with a gym membership or offer breakout areas where you can get your coworkers working up a sweat over ping-pong and even drop by a nearby bar where you can enjoy an exclusive discount just by being a member.

At Colony, we believe in surrounding you with the finest experience in and out of the office. So, we have teamed up with our partners to give you the added edge you need with benefits exclusively for Colony guests only that are specially curated with you in mind! Find out more about our member perks when you sign up with Colony!


Serviced Office KL

As much as we love the free Wi-Fi from our local coffee shop, we all know that coffee shops aren’t the most professional looking environment especially if your day-to-day role requires you to engage with your customers via a conference call.

Coworking spaces come with everything you need to get your work done. An abundance of power sockets, functional furniture, plenty of desk space, and high-speed Wi-Fi connections is made available and comes standard in most coworking spaces.  On top of all this, we provide an abundant amount of business-friendly services at our spaces as well such as complimentary newspapers, nap pods, dedicated phone booths, concierge services to attend to your urgent requests, and even a lactation room and kids playroom for mom-prenuers who want to get work done and spend time with their children while they are at it.


Serviced Office KL

If you want clients to visit you and your office more often, then it makes sense for you to choose a place or a serviced office to be in a location that’s convenient for them.

One of the biggest advantages of renting a serviced office is the flexibility for you to choose a prime business address as most coworking spaces are situated in major city hubs that are close by public transportation and even shopping malls. Having access to these prime areas, clients are more likely to visit your office and discuss onboarding your business and could also save the hassle of you planning out a venue to eat and meet as you can always count on having a restaurant or a coffee shop conveniently placed a minute away from your office. 

At Colony, we provide serviced offices across five strategic locations across the Klang Valley’s most prestigious addresses including Colony @ KL Sentral, Colony @ KLCC, Colony @ Eco City, Colony @ Mutiara Damansara, and Colony @ Star Boulevard KLCC.


No matter you are small or large businesses, our serviced offices are flexible and fully-customizable which caters to every working whim. 

For more information, get in touch with us via our email at or at +6016 482 1319 to learn more about our Serviced Office KL.


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