Events & Happenings: July 2018


Between the 3rd to the 6th of July, 3 separate and unique events occurred in the same week. Each event aimed at different sectors of the vast economy.

The first event of the week was an event by Terrapinn, a company that plans events aimed at transforming businesses all across the globe. They promote innovation and technological advances through their events.

The next was an event hosted by OCBC, more specifically The Open Vault At OCBC. The Open Vault aims to make banking simpler through making it more transparent, more instant and more rewarding for customers. As inspiration for such ideas, “out-of-the-bank-thinking” is required. The Open Vault’s goal is to collaborate with external fintech firms to rapidly test and validate new ideas and solutions, with the winning product being quickly introduced to the market.

Finally to close the week, Colony is blessed to see the products of German efficiency and precision. Mercedes Benz Malaysia launched their new E-300, part of the AMG line, at the site office. With the weather cooperating, the ray of sunlight reflecting of the metallic silver skin of the new car was quite a sight to behold. Sitting in the car park, along with 4 other models was the new E-300 in all its glory. Mercedes held their media session in the event space as well as a small reception for invited guests.

Retrieved from @mercedesbenzmalaysia (2018, July 10)

The only little hiccup between the last 2 events was the quick and tiring turnover. The OCBC event ended on a Thursday night, with the Mercedes event starting on a Friday Morning. With this in mind, Colony’s staff had to oversee the quick but careful removal of OCBC’s equipment and rapid placement of the equipment for Mercedes. The hours long process was tiring and at some points frustrating, with some members of staff staying till 5am in the morning!

On the 11th of July, we have the privilege to host the soft launch of Stephen Webster by Habib Jewels.

Retrieved from @habibjewels (2018, July 12)

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By Justin Lim for Colony