Reducing Stress by Co-working


One of the most pessimistically linked term in regards to work is the word, stress. When your job seems like a never-ending spiral of heavy workload and long hours, it is almost certain for one to lose their calm. Now, co-working has been known for boosting productivity and improving focus on work. However, how does co-working actually help to reduce this common pest called stress?

Providing an interesting environment for people to work in was one of the motivations of co-working spaces being created. At the same time, it was also imperative for people in co-working spaces to have certain conveniences at the tip of their fingers. These conveniences aid profoundly in reducing stress compared to working in a traditional office.

For instance, say if you were feeling a tad too tired after pulling an all-nighter finishing an important report or simply been drained after a 4-hour meeting. You could always use one of the nap rooms provided in a co-working space to take a quick power nap or to just lay down and rest for some peace and quiet.

Even better, one could always go for a relaxing massage to loosen up their tense back muscles from sitting too long or to ease the ache in your neck and shoulder muscles from typing and using your laptop the whole day.

There is also the option of working out in the gym after a mind-boggling day of problem solving at work or a prolonged inactivity merely at the desk. A run on the treadmill, a few laps around the pool or taking part in a Pilates class could do wonders for your physical and mental health, providing you that desired life balance that every individual so desperately needs

Another option is simply interacting and communicating with people. Co-working provides this luxury by hosting external events and community events regularly; this could give you the chance to mingle with new people or folks who are already working at the same space. Sometimes, a human touch and interaction is all one needs to feel better.

Aside from reducing stress through a co-working space’s facilities and the act of networking, one of the biggest way to reduce stress is simply to take some time off or to change your work area. Co-working spaces are the most flexible kind of workspaces around. With 24-hour access provided in most co-working spaces, you could choose the best times you feel like working. Not only when but even where. Perhaps, you would rather work in the café area or the co-working area instead of the constant solitude in a private room. There are various options available to you.

Therefore, it is evident to see that co-working spaces allows one to reduce their stress tremendously by offering ample conveniences and facilities as well as allowing any one individual to break loose from a rigid work routine.


By Thirumagal Sathasevam for Colony